There are quite a number of communicable diseases flying around out there. And here is the frightening truth- the chances of you contracting any of these diseases are high! From the time you spend in public transportation (collecting change from the conductor) to the time you spend in the public toilet, you are constantly exposed to germs of all kinds.  It may even surprise you to surprise you to know that even the foodstuff you parents purchase from the market are laden with disease-causing organisms. I know…these all call for some worry! But not to worry; by imbibing the right healthy habits, you could easily prevent germs and infectious diseases. Hopefully, this article intends to show you exactly how to do just that. I hope you read through carefully and ensure to practice. Best…


Germs live and thrive under different kinds of conditions- some in cool places others in ordinary surfaces. And this is why it is of uttermost importance to always ensure that our houses and the surroundings are kept sparklingly neat. Trust me, that is a sure way to prevent kill germs and prevent diseases from infecting people. That said, houses must be swept, scrubbed and mopped. And need I mention the need for disinfectants? Of course you need those. Thankfully, there are various brands of disinfectants that abound, and the good thing is that they are mostly cheap. Now while cleaning the house, there are particular places that deserve special attention. The lavatory (toilet) is one of such places. You must ensure that this place is cleaned and disinfected every few days. Germs thrive here and unfortunately, we do not have a choice but to use it on a daily basis. The bathroom must also be thoroughly scrubbed and mopped every few days. Scrub the floors and leave them sparkly neat- you step on it all the time. And then the kitchen must be given uttermost care. Always sweep it, scrub it and mop it as constantly as possible. It is never too much to keep the kitchen clean. Disinfection is key too. You may also want to know that one good way to keep roaches, rats and other rodents away is to always remove those things that attract them. Most specifically, never you leave the dustbin overnight in the kitchen. Dishes must also be washed after every meal…



As I mentioned earlier, raw food often carry germs. Therefore, they must be properly washed with salt, especially vegetables, raw meats and fish. Also, anybody preparing the meals must ensure to wash their hands, utensils. All meals must be cooked at proper temperatures and then covered or refrigerated as the case may be.


It is advisable to wash your hands as many times as possible. Most advisably, you must endeavour to wash your hands after you use the toilet or play with your pets. Also it is important to wash your hands after you return home from school or wherever. Do these before you eat anything or touch important places in the house such as your refrigerator or deep freezers. Hands must be washed with soup and dried with a towel.


Avoid sharing personal items that can’t be disinfected. Examples of such include items like toothbrushes, razor blades, towels and underwear. Needles are not meant for sharing. Therefore, if for any reason you need needs, get yours and then properly dispose of it once you’re done using it.



Do not go about playing with or even eating wild animals. Truth is, some of them carry diseases which may not be obvious to you but could easily be transmitted to you. Some of these diseases are deadly. Example is Ebola.

Other ways to prevent yourself from contracting communicable diseases include to ensure a good personal hygiene. Do your laundry with the help of detergents. There are many of such available today and at relatively cheap rates too. Your under wears should be washed separately from the rest of your clothes and preferably with some drops of disinfectants and hot water. Make sure you wash when the sun is drying so that the hot sun could help kill off any germs that could still be hanging around after you must have washed.  Also, it is imperative that you wash your hand with clean water after doing your laundry. Please stay safe, people!