VERY COOL: Samsung unveils curved TV that lets two people watch different shows at the SAME time


A television that allows two people to watch different shows at the same time has been unveiled by Samsung.

The S9C features a giant 55-inch curved screen to give viewers a cinema experience in their living room.

The television, expected to cost around £7,000, boasts a cutting-edge OLED screen – offering the ‘amazing’ MultiView feature.

Viewers wear special glasses that pick up one piece of content at a time, with audio delivered through a built-in earpiece.

‘Two people can watch two different programmes at the same time in full screen in full HD and even in 3D with Samsung MultiView glasses,’ said Michael Zoeller, senior director of European sales and marketing

‘It is like having two televisions in one.’

The S9C was unveiled at a press conference at tech show Berlin IFA, during a second day of presentations by the company.

Another TV in the range, the S9 OLED television, features a curved screen, which makes the viewers feel like they are ‘standing in an arena.’

Each pixel illuminates itself and goes pitch black when inactive,  Mr Zoeller said.

Samsung also launched the S9000, a UHD TV with more than eight million pixels – up to four times more than existing HD sets.

The group has finally unveiled its Galaxy Gear smartwatch and revealed a ‘slimmer, lighter, faster’ Galaxy Note 3 phablet yesterday.

The surprisingly sleek wrist-mounted device has a solid touchscreen, runs Android apps and can sync with a smartphone to make phone calls and access the web.




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