(VIDEO) This Little Boy Moves Pope Francis to Tears


(By Dotun Onimole)

A nine-year-old boy has made the headlines as he broke past barriers to run into Pope Francis’ arms in order to tell him something that moved the pontiff to tears.

A video captures what is surely one of the most poignant moments of the Pope’s last Friday’s trip to Rio for World Youth Day. 

While the papal entourage makes its way through the picturesque Quinta de Boa Vista park, Nathan de Brito dashes to the vehicle where he is greeted by the Holy Father himself.

They embrace on the Popemobile as de Brito confides to Pope Francis, “Your Holiness, I want to be a priest of Christ, a representative of Christ.”

Pope Francis beams at the small child in the Brazilian national soccer team jersey, and replies, “I am going to pray for you, but I ask you to pray for me.” He wipes tears from his eyes as he embraces de Brito and tells him, “As of today, your vocation is set.”

After exiting the Popemobile, the video shows de Brito blowing the Pope a kiss before covering his face with his hands, completely overwhelmed by the incredible experience.


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