VIRGINITY ALERT: Teens now lose their virginity at fifteen. Why is this happening?

“Sex sells” is a phrase most people have heard.

Advertisements use it, sometimes without people even realising it. How many times have you seen someone you find unattractive on a magazine cover? Why is it that most makeup and accessory companies use pretty models in their advertisements? If you could not guess, it is because those types of individuals tend to catch ones eye.

Sex surrounds us and is even said to subconsciously be a part of our lives on a day- to -day basis. People, teen girls especially, try to fancy up their faces and do various treatments to their bodies to make sure that they feel and look attractive. Even if you do not realise it, sex seems to be in control of most people’s lives. It seems that more and more people are doing all that they can to look attractive and catch someone else’s eyes. In today’s society, it especially seems popular for girls’ to dress with short or showy clothing in order for them to catch a guys attention. What girls’ do not understand about this is that by dressing in such a manner, guys tend to look at a girl and want to date a girl for the entirely wrong reasons. Girls’ tend to think that guys “only want sex” and are said to be perverted, but girls in a way, are letting them. When someone walks down the street with a bright yellow shirt, it would only be natural to look at their shirt, right? The same things go for when a girl decides to dress in a way where too much skin is shown; of course a guy is going to look at a girl in a different way, then if the girl were to be conservative.

Presently, most teens brag about losing their virginity. Getting married a virgin is becoming more rare. In November of 2008 The Tyra Banks Show (USA) conducted an online survey regarding teens and sex. 10,000 teens were surveyed with the findings raising a lot of eyebrows… They included:

With all the risks, including pregnancy, why are teens still looking to lose their virginity, especially at such a young age? The most common reason is peer pressure. Not necessarily peer pressure that is deeming that if you do not Be Intimate you are not “cool”, but instead the thought that everyone is Being Intimate and it sounds like the normal thing to do.

Most teens I spoke to said they lost their virginity because they were curious as to what all the hype was about. Guys agreed that most of them want to have a sense of honour and belonging and get credit from their friends once they have Were Intimate. On the other side, girls tend to see sex as something special. They find losing their virginity to be more romantic, giving them more of a bond with a guy than they had before. This could either be a positive or negative thing.

When interviewing University students, who prefer to remain anonymous, they said that Being Intimate with their significant other brings them closer to that person. Most of the students said that sex was the glue to their relationship and that they thought sex was a positive thing. So, you may be asking, if sex is a great thing for a relationship, why is losing your virginity such a big deal?

Back in the olden days, as many would call it, the majority of people remained virgins until marriage. It seems now, not Being Intimate with your boyfriend or girlfriend is considered abnormal. What most people do not understand is the gender differences regarding sex. Girls in general tend to be more emotional. Often, sex means a lot more to girls than it seems to mean to guys. In most Secondary School sex education and health classes, the curriculum focuses on only the physical consequences of Being Intimate. Even though these consequences are present, emphasis also needs to be put on the emotional effects developed from being sexually active. There are certainly methods to prevent against STD’s and pregnancy, but there are no ways to protect against the emotional scars of sex.

Sex is an intimate activity that decades ago was known to be between two individuals who had deep devotion and love for one another. Today, sex is done casually, with people even stating they do it just because they are bored.

When a girl loses her virginity, she is a lot more likely to be embarrassed and keep it private. However, guys get praise from their friends; taking it more as a milestone than anything special. Then there are many girls who lose their virginity thinking it is a way to get a guy to like them and to continue to like them. Most girls’ view this type of intimacy as special and end up in turn becoming super attached to the guy with whom they have Were Intimate with. This false sense of closeness could be dangerous as it often causes teens to remain in unhealthy relationships.

An overwhelming majority of guys say that they Be Intimate because it is fun and because everyone is doing it. They seem not to get any more attached to the girl afterwards. This is dangerous because it causes the girl a lot more emotional pain. Typically teenage guys can become emotionally detached quicker than teenage girls.

The overwhelming pressure of sex surrounds teens wherever they go. It seems that whenever you walk into a store you see a model with a bathing suit on it. At secondary schools and college campuses you see girls wearing short skirts and low cut shirts. Teen artists are even writing songs with intimate content.

How then can this trend change?

First, you don’t have to wear showy clothes to get someone to like you. Showy clothes make people look at you for your body and not for yourself. People see what you show them, if you’re showing them your body, they will look at your body.

Teens should also avoid having relationships with someone who talks about becoming sexually active very quickly. Furthermore, avoid the random hook up. Hook-ups are pointless, there is no benefit to them and they increase the risk of contracting an STD.

Lastly, don’t listen to your friends! Don’t get persuaded just because your friends say that “everyone is doing it.”

Following these steps will help you not only guard your heart, but teach you the true value of intimacy.

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