Want to be a fast learner? Why it’s important to take risks while learning

Sometimes the process of learning something in order to be able to do it seems daunting. You know you want to get from point A to point B so that you can do C, but you really just want to be able to do C without a long wait. While patience is a virtue, sometimes patience will get you nowhere fast. 

The handy infographic below looks at the idea of how to learn fast. It uses the idea of travel time to support the concept of learning by doing – arguably one of the quickest methods of learning something. Instead of taking the time to stop at every learning opportunity, do background research, and file yourself through all of the traditional methods, sometimes just jumping in will help you learn faster. Get involved in the conversation by leaving a note in the comments!

How Fast Can You Learn?

  • The graphic below compares the speed of learning to speed of travel from San Francisco, CA to London, UK.
  • Learning by reading: 3mph – Chances of getting there: low
  • Learning through school: 15mph – Chances of getting there: low
  • Learning with a mentor:  65mph – Chances of getting there: 50/50
  • Learning by doing: 500mph – Chances of getting there: high
  • Learning by taking big risks: 10,000mph  – Chances of getting there: high

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