Want To Be Better In Your Math?… 10 Free Web Resources For Math Teachers And Students

Time for some math. You either love it or hate it, but it makes the world go round. For me, math was always a struggle. I wanted to love it, but the numbers swirling in my head never seemed to straighten themselves out for the test. But maybe that’s just it–”the test.” When math is separated into columns and rows, some students struggle. This is why we are bringing this to you this time so that your math experience can greatly improve.

What Can a Math Major Do?

Professor Jim Olsen answers this question in style. If we’re trying to convince students that math and science are critical, they’ll need career options. There are many career options unrelated to teaching that use mathematical knowledge, statistical analysis, and data interpretation–everything from medicine to engineering uses math. There are endless career choices in the field.

Math Videos That Make Math Make Sense

This very popular Learnist board has resources designed to dig in and get to the heart of making math understandable. Many people get frustrated with math topics–these videos shed some light on them.


Induction Coach Alicia Sullivan put together this list of math resources she loves. Alicia is currently working to help new teachers in Rhode Island develop their best practices so they can stay in it for the long haul shaping the future of our nation.

Math Playground

Who doesn’t want to go to the Math Playground? This board has games, apps, and applications for math–Mariana Hernandez makes math real–real fun. Mariana is an 8th grade urban math teacher with a serious background. She wants students to love to use math.

BBC Skillswise

This learning board links to adult math resources as taught by the BBC. The BBC has always had the ability to make the average subject shine. Now, on Learnist, BBC material will be readily available on boards to actively teach and engage students and adults one more time.

Math/Maths Digital Education Resources

This board has real-life applications like the math behind surfing, track and field, and other sports. Real-world applications promote authentic learning and makes math stick.

When Am I Going To Use This Stuff?

That’s usually the question–this infographic points to a learning that shows how everyday careers apply mathematics–because most careers do “use this stuff.”

Math Games Make Math Fun!

Gamification is the key to learning. Games engage students and make them spend more time on task–they disguise the learning. These resources reinforce many math skills in such a way that little ones barely even know they’re learning.

Grade 9 Math

Mr. Agnew is using this board to give students extra opportunities to reinforce classroom material. He directs the board at parents, too, so they can participate, comment, or be informed as to student activities. The materials on the board are fun, too. I’d enjoy his class.

Compose and Decompose Numbers From 11-19

Carrie Sorensen always finds fun ways to teach her students math, and she’s shared them on Learnist for the world. She’s included games, forms, and songs on this board.


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