I have come across different leaders in different part of the world and one thing that I find common to all of them is the discipline they all possess. It is not wrong to say that exceptional Leadership is learnable but the way to go about it is the way of hard work and self-discipline. In the end, Leadership is not as easy as it seems but it is critical to note that everyone can become a great leader if they set their mind to it.

You could be a senior prefect, a labour prefect or a class captain as the case may be but let it be clear to you that discipline is a serious issue that no great leader will want to take lightly. At some point, someone under your leadership will not follow rules or guidelines.

What guarantees your success and eventual failure is the decision you make, you must however make the right decision if you are desirous of a successful leadership experience. You must properly discipline those that break rules in your team. It is important for the safety of your Leadership. However, properly disciplining your followers is easier said than done, and it is a delicate issue that you will want to be cautious about.

As a labour prefect, at least to the extent at which I can recollect on how it used to be when I was in Secondary School few years ago, you are expected to capture and punish late comers but when someone is your class mate, you may have a difficult time taking action against him/her. While you will want to take action, it should not be too strong, but it should also not be too weak. First, a great leader should never become too close to anyone that follows them. While you will want to create a strong bond with the entire group, there are certain dangers involved with becoming too friendly with any one person.

When you inadvertently get close to someone, this person may begin to think that they can break rules. They may reason that because you are friends with them, you will not be able to discipline them when they do something wrong. Unfortunately, this happens all too often. It can result to you being partial in your judgement and it can stir up resentment among your team especially when they feel that one person can get away with anything, they will think they can do the same. If you suddenly discipline them harshly, this will send a message to the rest the group saying that you are partial.

You don’t want to discipline your followers in a way that makes them resentful. They should understand why they are being disciplined. Give due diligence to the enunciation of the resultant punishment of any defiance to rules and regulations, although, it is advisable that you avoid disciplining out of anger.

I have come to realise that being a leader can be stressful, as the decisions you make will have an effect on the lives of the people that follow you. However, you don’t want to discipline your followers too lightly. If you do, this will send a message that you are a weak leader who is not serious about the school’s guidelines. Do your best to discipline them in a way that will earn their respect.