Through an initiative that several people now refer to as an admirable course in the right direction for change in Africa, the Reach Them team early in April took her social impact activities to inspire not fewer than 175 young people in Lagos. Reach Them is the 4 days of Impact done annually to mark the birthday of one of Africa’s young change agents who recently finished his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA). Born on the 4th of April, Mathew Olasupo this year again celebrated his birthday in nation’s developmental style with support from people he describes as destiny helpers who constantly add value to lives. The epitomic social event this year was drawn to focus on the high school students and young entrepreneurs and backed up by prayers for families and nations.

On the second day of April 2014, this movement for change started with a peppy talk to engage 165 students preparing for S.S.C.E examination at Birrel High School Yaba with the theme: Discovering Your Purpose and Career Option. In a post-event interview with the convener and team servant of Reach Them Initiative, Mathew said “the students were taken through a workshop on how to identify their passion; what they are really good at, and what makes them cry that they would love to change as knowledge of this will help them live a purposeful life. They were told that God is a God of Purpose and he created everything for a specific purpose as seen in the holy book (1corinthians 12:14-27). Gifts and examination tips were also shared to help them do well academically.”

Reach Them Team and Volunteers

The next day, Reach Them team prayed at the Foursquare Gospel Church Sabo for families, friends, nations and Reach Them supporters. On the third day entrepreneurs gathered at a conference room for an Exclusive Business Mentorship Meeting (eBMM). The training was in two sessions: the first being a module on Matrix of Sound Business Negotiation Strategy while the second hinged on The StrengthsFinder Assessment® to teach strategies and show why people must focus on what is right about them and operate from strength as against focusing on weakness. Five (5) entrepreneurs got a 50-dollar worth of access code to take an online assessment and discover their top five strengths from Gallup StrengthsFinder® Assessment, while eight (8) also left with a book titled “How to Be a Better Negotiator”. This is to help them understand and practice win-win negotiation strategies in their businesses. Mathew Olasupo facilitated the training on the platform of Amicable Strings Company. The programme ended with a volunteers’ hangout at the Lagoon Front of the University of Lagos where the team shared testimonies of Reach Them. With drinks in their hands this impact group unwound to relief the stress of the busy schedules of the past days and promised to do more by the Grace of God.