The dream of every student is to excel in their studies but above that, finding the right materials and resources to help them achieve this dream is as important as academic success itself. The pool of online tools available at their disposal means that students can find diverse ways to engage and interact without stress or difficulty.

For example, is not just a timely innovative educational tool but a revolutionary mobile learning platform with a comprehensive national curriculum for education housing all subjects contained in the Nigerian secondary school syllabus from JSS1 to SS3. A class lesson could be invigorated by sharing the different relevant questions and answers, acronyms and synonyms with students. Or, a student could be better prepared and exude confident for an exam by studying the past questions and answers and even interacting with students from other schools in other classes as well. Most importantly, even some complex topics can be better understood through this tool. And it is, without question, one of the leading resources for creative students.

Many students will be able to use interesting and interactive tools such as Blackboard to heighten their interest in a topic. Students can trace with ease their progress and track their grades seamlessly. Blackboard makes it fun to check review on their works and upload finished assignment to the teacher. The interface is user friendly with full packed features for students and teachers to communicate and assign new tasks and assignment without leaving anything out.

Dreambox is every maths or calculations lover dream with a visual and interactive learning tool for both teachers and students. The interactive whiteboards makes it appealing for students whose skills and preferences are mathematical and analytical. The powerful virtual manipulative tools help teachers guide students to explore easy ways to make sense of math. With this tool, calculations and maths period isn’t always something to dread rather it is an exciting and adventurous time for students to explain, discuss, and defend their mathematical thinking.

Tutor.NG is an online tutoring platform that transforms any environment into a learning space. This tool is powerfully designed as a virtual classroom where courses are created and taught with assessment tools and engaging functionalities like doc, pdf, ppt, content sharing and creation features  that students can upload and publish in any format, PowerPoint, PDFs, Documents, and Videos, live video interactive sessions that students can interact with standard collaboration tools, white boards for illustration and demonstration of key points, live session recordings that can be watched anytime and as many times as possible.

There are lots of digital tools now available that students are confused as to picking an option and picking the right one best suited for their needs. But tools such as, Blackboard, Dreambox, and Tutor.NG are a great place as any to start. For students who are beginning to recognize and identify their inner passions and interest for technology and are eager to explore, these tools are revolutionizing the online world in ways that were thought impossible before the advent of technology.

So what are you waiting for to start engaging and interacting with these tools, because they are easy, simple, very sophisticated and available for you any day anytime.