WEEK FIVE:- {Grammar: Reported Requests and Composition: Argumentative essay on herbal and orthodox medicines}



WEEK FIVE:- {Grammar: Reported Requests and Composition: Argumentative essay on herbal and orthodox medicines}


English Language JSS2 Second Term

Week 5


  • Grammar
  • Composition




By the end of this lesson, students should be able to:

  • Define reported requests are
  • Report requests, or use request in reported speech.


Reported speech has to do with reporting in the present, what a person said in the past. It is also known as Indirect Speech.

A request is when a person asks another person to do something; it is usually said politely. Reported requests are part of reported speech.  When reporting requests, verbs like: ask, beg, implore, request, advise, etc. are used.

The pattern used, when reporting a request is: Verb+ Indirect object+ To infinitive


Direct Speech: “Bring a cup of water”, Bola said.

Reported Request: Bola asked me to bring a cup of water.

Direct Speech: “Watch over the baby”, her mother said.

Reported Request: Her mother implored her to watch over the baby.

Direct Speech: “Don’t walk alone at night”, his uncle said.

Reported Request: His uncle advised him to not walk alone at night.


Reported Requests are used to report a request made in the past, in the present.


Write the following direct requests, as reported requests:

  • “Buy some juice on your way home”, her father said.
  • “Open the windows”, she said.
  • “Carry the cups to the kitchen”, the man said.
  • “Write the letter”, her friend said



Good day,

Mr Chairman,

The panel of Judges,

Accurate Timekeeper,


Ladies and Gentlemen.

My name is Sharon Peters. I am a JSS 2 student of Roses Junior Secondary School. I am here to support the motion that herbal medicines are more potent than orthodox medicines. However, before I go on, I would like to define some of the key terms in this topic: herbal medicines, potent, and orthodox medicines.

Herbal medicines are plant-derived medicines, without industrial processing, that are used to cure illnesses and diseases.

Potent means to be effective, and capable of achieving a desired result or effect.

While orthodox medicine refers to the use of drugs by doctors and nurses to cure illnesses and diseases.

Now, I would proceed to prove why herbal medicines are more potent than orthodox medicines

To begin with, herbal medicines make use of natural ingredients and plants, which adapt easily to the body system. On the other hand, orthodox drugs make use of chemical substances, that are foreign to the body system.

Also, herbal medicines invoke the body’s healing power, hence helping the body heal up naturally. While orthodox medicines do not go through a natural process.

In conclusion, herbal medicines take care of the entire body’s wholeness, not just to suppress the symptoms of the current illness. While for orthodox medicines, the symptoms of the illness are only suppressed, and whenever the drug dosage is not taken completely, the illness resurfaces.

I believe that I have been able to convince you, with these points I raised, that herbal medicines are more potent than orthodox medicines.

Thank you!

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