WEIRD: Father Confessed Raping His Teen Daughter ‘In Order To Get A Job’

Pedro Anegbe, a 42-year-old man has been arraigned before an Ebute Meta Magistrate’s Court for raping his 15-year-old daughter.

The defendant who committed the crime at their home on Ifelodun Street, Fatolu Ipaja, Lagos State was arraigned on two counts for raping his daughter.

According to the father of three who confessed to the court that a spirit asked him to rape his 15-year-old daughter in other to get a new job after losing his old one said “I am actually living with my wife and three children. I have two girls and a boy. She is my first born. I have had sex with her just two times. The first was on January 27, 2014. But I cannot remember the date of the second one.”

“I did it because I thought it was God talking to me, but later I knew it was an evil spirit. The voice said I needed power. To get the power, the voice said I must damage some things.

“I started destroying the clutch and brake of the vehicle I was given to drive. Then the voice told me I should stop delivering money to the owner of the vehicle after each day’s work. I stopped and I was sacked.

“I became idle after I lost my job. The voice came again, saying I should have sex with my daughter or else I would not get another job. That was why I slept with her.”

However the Investigating Police Officer, Sergeant Bakare Murtala revealed some information to the court  saying “The defendant is the biological father of the girl. She told us her father had sexually harassed her. We questioned him on his daughter’s allegation and he confessed to the crime. He said he had raped her twice.”

The defendant however pleaded guilty to the charges against him telling the court that he wanted his case tried at the High Court.

The magistrate, Olanrewaju Olatunji who was confused why the defendant still pleaded guilty after confessing to the crime remanded him in prison.

The magistrate said, “This is a bail-able offence, but it is a family matter. The defendant is to be remanded in prison pending legal advice from the Directorate of Public Prosecution.”

The matter has been adjourned till April 4, 2014.

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