WEIRD: Shameless father marries his daughter, 14, and has two children with her after wife died

A man was arrested after people learned about his incestuous relationship with his young daughter.

Killion Moyo, 65, of Zimbabwe, is a traditional healer from the Bezha village in the Umzingwane District.

He is accused of marrying his 14-year-old daughter. The teenager gave birth to 2 kids, who were conceived by her father.

The man claimed that after his wife, Joyce Mpofu, died, she told him to “take a woman in the family who would take her role.”

Now, his daughter, who was fed up with her father’s sexual abuse fled from her home, leaving the children, aged four and three, behind.

After Moyo’s abuse became public, two more girls came forward with allegations that they were forced to have sex with him. One woman is a neighbor’s daughter, now 23. She also gave birth to Moyo’s children, who are 5 and 8 years old.

The 23-year-old woman said that when she was in seventh grade, she was sent to live with Moyo. He also gave her parents cattle and other items in exchange for their daughter.

At that time, the young victim was told that Moyo would pay her school fees, but he immediately began having sex with her. Investigators said that Moyo forced his victims to wear a special bracelet and told them that lightning would strike them if they told anyone about their relationship, some of which lasted for 10 years.

Now, Moyo is facing a number of child abuse charges.

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