Which is toughest… Shark or Crocodile? Finally we have an answer, as giant reptile eats its fishy rival


It’s an old age question pondered by some of the greatest minds in the playground. Who would win: a crocodile or a shark?

Now a British tourist has given a definitive answer to the riddle by capturing the moment one of the powerful reptiles munched on its aquatic rival.

Holidaymaker Peter Jones, 62, witnessed the savage moment when he embarked on a river cruise in Kakadu National Park in Australia’s tropical Northern Territory.

As he travelled down the East Alligator River he was confronted by the sight of a massive saltwater crocodile scoffing on a helpless bull shark.

The intrepid tourist group bravely tried to get closer to the spectacle, but the coy crocodile slithered away with its man-eating prey.

Mr Jones, from Cambridge, told the Northern Territory News that after the boat left he saw the crocodile return to the bank with its dinner, before feasting on its catch.

He said: ‘It is hard for me to say how large they both were as I lack the experience in estimating the size of both crocs and sharks, both being very rare in rural Cambridgeshire.

‘Big, springs to mind, even bloody huge or perhaps enormous. Our guide referred to both the croc and shark as being “very big”.

‘It finally answers the age-old question posed by school kids across the globe from time immemorial: Croc versus shark, which would win? Croc, as it happens.’

Saltwater crocodiles are the largest of the crocodilians and have the most powerful jaws of any animal. They can grow to in excess of 20ft long and live to more than 100.

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