On whose side are you? Why many fans prefer Davido to Wizkid

I may not agree with everything in this write up but some are quite correct and i leave you to be the judge of this article. One thing is certain, Wizkid is dropping fast and his music is not the cause of the drop but his attitude. He thought he became number 1 by himself but now  he will appreciate the support of loyal fans. Please drop your comments after reading this article.

Musically, there have been some comparison and competition between the two stars because they are the two young boys under 25 running the entire music scene in Africa but fans have made their choices and gave reasons for choosing Davido over Wizkid. Now Let’s see the 5 reasons why Fans will choose Davido over Wizkid anyday…anytime. and let us know if you agree or disagree with the reason

On this one, i think both artist are arrogant but Wizkid is worse off. I wonder why they didn’t learn from Tuface Idibia who has remained relevant  after so many years in the tight Nigeria music  industry where artist only reign for a short period of time. Wizkid, from what we know, came from a middle class family but he acts like he’s been living the life of gold already. He’s been making dumb comments to his fans who made him. He once said “when broke people think they have a say” to a fan who inquired about his next album. These same fans made him and just like a typical African star, arrogance will surely kill him. We’ve heard bad rumors about the kid star concerning his fans.

Wizkid is just following the footsteps of D’Banj who rose to the sky and dropped like God kicked him back to earth. He is rushing for international fame just typical of most African musicians thinking that is the way to heaven. Truth is, you need to conquer your world first.

At present, Davido is popular all over Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Zimbabwe and his home country, Nigeria. He seems to have a plan, trying to conquer his continent before moving to the world. Wizkid is forgetting that the foreign world doesn’t have anything for him.

All his crap lyrics “lelelele and yaaga” and things won’t make the cut. If I was him, I would learn a lot from D’Banj’s failure. Even Kanye West couldn’t help D’Banj, what more can a douchebag like Chris Brown and Justin Bieber do for you as an African artiste?

Davido is a son of a billionaire, if not, a millionaire and he’s been probably living a lavish life since childhood but he has defied that fact and trying his best to join his dad.

Davido makes a whopping $50,000 per show and has made his own money, unlike Wizkid, he goes to instagram and twitter just to act like he’s a millionaire already when I’m perfectly sure he’s far from that. We are not surprised, poor people always want to be something they are not.

No doubt, Wizkid has made it but even Mike Tyson who was once worth 300 million dollars plus is now broke how much more a musician from Africa who is not worth a million dollars SMH!

Davido started it all off with his “HKN Gang” unlike Wizkid, he came through Banky W who made sure the world knows about Wizkid’s talents.

Just like most of our African artistes, he felt cheated and decided to form his own StarBoi label and even planned to leave Banky W’s label. Greediness??? You tell us?

If you listen to Wizkid’s songs very well, his songs lacks substance, it’s the same usual “one word chorus” like Ginger, The Matter, Caro but Davido spans through all the genres from Highlife, Dance, Afrobeats like Skelewu, Aye, Gobe, One Of A Time and more hits in his short time of being in the industry. Davido also take advantage of all artistes (both underground and made artistes in different countries) and work with them unlike Wizkid, even if you invite him, he would have to like your product first before he feature on it. Davido immediately shot another video to his hit song “Skelewu” after fans complained about it, if it was Wizkid, he would have insulted the fans.

Davido have songs with Sarkodie, Shatta Wale, Diamond, Mafikizolo and counting. Not forgetting most of Wizkid’s hit songs were freestyles and unplanned.

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