Why You Can’t Let Haters Get You Down! Schoolboy bullied for his looks is now an international model

A redheaded man who was picked on throughout his schooldays for his bright ginger hair has beaten the bullies by creating a successful modelling career.

Louis Evans, 22, was nicknamed ‘Rusty’ by his classmates and taunted for his bright red hair and freckled face.

For Louis, modelling had never been an obvious career option and his first job was in an office supply company as a cold caller.

However, once Louis reached the age of 20 he blossomed into a striking high-cheekboned model and was signed up by a leading modelling agency – Booking Models.

He has since appeared at London Fashion Week, on the pages of British Vogue, and has recently been grabbed by Milan agency – Independent Men – to take part in June’s Milan Fashion Week.

Louis, from Lowestoft, Suffolk, said that it is his ginger hair, which was the reason he was bullied for years, that has made him so popular in Europe where red headed models are in high demand.

However, having such distinctive hair wasn’t always such a gift. Louis says that growing up in Lowestoft prior to his modelling career he was targeted for the way he looks.

‘It was quite difficult growing up in a small town. People are very close-minded in Lowestoft.

‘Back at home there were stereotypes about gingers and I had the wrong kind of attention.

‘I didn’t let it affect me though and I tried not to let it affect my confidence.’

Although Louis tried not to let small minded bullies bother him, he does admit that having acne was a real hindrance in his teenage years.

‘I always liked to think I was a bit smooth but to be honest I sucked at getting girls. The worst thing is that I had acne. I wished every day that it could be gone.’

Louis’ good looks blossomed very quickly once he got to 20 and he saw a complete change in a very small amount of time.

Despite his obvious aesthetic turn around Louis still lacked confidence and it was his mother who finally pushed him into his line of work.

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