Ever wondered why public education in Nigeria is wack? Well the reason is easy to guess- the government gives public schools little or no sponsorship. A recent revelation by Nigeria’s Minister of Education (Adamu Adamu) disclosed that last year, only about thirty six per cent of total money budgeted to be expended on unity schools in the country were actually allocated. In other words, out of the N13.7 billion earmarked to be used for running unity schools in the country, only N5 billion was released.

Nigeria has a total of one hundred and four [104] unity schools scattered across the country. These schools are federal government-owned and they are supposed to serve as the model standards of secondary education in the country. Unfortunately, poor funding and mismanagement of fund has made the actualization of that objective impossible. Agreed, Nigerian unity schools are better than most state owned and some mushroom private schools. Yet, in order to get quality education for teens, the surest bet has always remained to get them enrolled in very well established private schools in the country; most of which are quite expensive by the way.

Anyway, here is how the N5 billion that was released last was actually spent according to Mr. Adamu the Education Minister-

  1. The Ministry of Education provided solar-powered boreholes to twenty five federal government colleges in the six geo-political zones in 2016.
  2. The Ministry also made provision for sanitary facilities and modern kitchen/dinning halls to the schools.

For the year 2017, the budget proposal is N448 billion; to be used by the ministry and all the sub-sectors under it. Let us be hopeful that all the money will be released and that above all, said money will be adequately utilized.