Contemporary /kənˈtɛmp(ə)r(ər)i/ adjective

Meaning: Living or occurring at the same time. Example: The event was recorded by a contemporary historian. Synonyms: contemporaneous, concurrent, coeval, synchronous, synchronic, of the time, of the day, simultaneous

Trendy /trɛndi/ adjective

Meaning: Very fashionable or up to date. Example: I enjoyed being able to go out and buy trendy clothes. Synonyms: fashionable, in fashion, in vogue, stylish, modish, chic, designer, up to date, up to the minute, latest, contemporary, popular.

Notification /nəʊtɪfɪˈkeɪʃn/ noun

Meaning: The action of notifying someone or something. Example: We have yet to receive formal notification of the announcement. Synonyms: informing, telling, apprising, alerting, warning

Bereaucracy /bjʊ(ə)ˈrɒkrəsi/ noun

Meaning: 1. A system of government in which most of the important decisions are taken by state officials rather than by elected representatives. 2. Excessively complicated administrative procedure.  Example: The unnecessary bureaucracy in local government. Synonyms: Civil service, administration, government, directorate, the establishment, the system, the powers that be, corridors of power

Evaluate /ɪvaljʊeɪt/ verb

Meaning: Form an idea of the amount, number, or value of; assess. Example: The study will assist in evaluating the impact of recent changes. Synonyms: assess, assess the worth of, put a value/price on

Enlightened /ɪnˈlʌɪt(ə)nd/ adjective

Meaning: Having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook. Example: The more enlightened employers offer better terms. Synonyms: Informed, aware, educated, knowledgeable, learned, wise, literate, intellectual, tutored, illuminated, apprised;

Integrate /ɪntɪɡreɪt/ verb

Meaning: Combine (one thing) with another to form a whole. Example: Transport planning should be integrated with energy policy Synonym: combine, amalgamate, merge, unite, join, fuse, blend, mingle, coalesce, consolidate, meld, intermingle, mix, intermix, incorporate, affiliate, unify, assimilate, homogenize, harmonize, mesh, desegregate

Profession /prəˈfɛʃ(ə)n/ noun

Meaning: A paid occupation, especially one that involves prolonged training and a formal qualification. Example: His chosen profession of teaching. Synonyms: Career, occupation, calling, vocation, line of work, line of employment, line, métier.

Concept /kɒnsɛpt/ noun

Meaning: An abstract idea, a plan or intention. Example: The centre has kept firmly to its original concept. Synonyms: Idea, notion, conception, abstraction, conceptualization;

Detach /dɪˈtatʃ/ verb

Meaning: Disengage (something or part of something) and remove it. Example:  He detached the front lamp from its bracket.

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