Caustic /KAWSS-tik/ adjective

Meaning: Capable of destroying or eating away by Chemical reaction. Synonym: corrosive, burning, harsh, destructive. Example: John was angry by Jane's caustic tone.

blandish /BLAN-dish/ verb

Meaning: To persuade or influence someone by using flattery. Synonym: flatter, cajole, coax, smooth talk. Example: Because he wanted to go to the game so badly, Joe tried to blandish his mother by complimenting her hair.

unruly /ʌnˈruːli/ adjective

Meaning: disorderly and disruptive and not amenable to discipline or control Synonym: disorderly, wild, rowdy, uncontrollable Example: The group of unruly children just walked past


Meaning: (of a disease) not harmful in effect Synonym: harmless, gentle Example: He's suffering from a benign condition.


Meaning: a trite or obvious remark Synonym: triteness, platitudinousness Example: There is an essential banality to the story Paul tells

deleterious /ˌdɛlɪˈtɪərɪəs/ adjective

Meaning: Causing harm or damage Synonym: harmful, damaging, detrimental, injurious, inimical, hurtful Example: Cocaine is proven to have deleterious effects on children

affable /ˈafəb(ə)l/ adjective

Meaning: friendly, good-natured, or easy to talk to. Synonym: amiable, genial, congenial, cordial, warm, pleasant, pleasing, likeable, personable, charming, agreeable Example: Mark is an affable and agreeable companion

noisome /ˈnɔɪs(ə)m/ adjective

Meaning: having an extremely offensive smell Synonyms: unpleasant, nasty, distasteful, displeasing, revolting, nauseating Example: She had to drink a noisome concoction

precocious /prɪˈkəʊʃəs/ adjective

Meaning: (of a child) having developed certain abilities or inclinations at an earlier age than is usual or expected. Synonym: ahead, gifted, talented, advanced Example: The school knew of his precocious abilities from a young age

fetid /ˈfɛtɪd,ˈfiːtɪd/ adjective

Meaning: smelling extremely unpleasant Synonym: stinking, smelly, foul-smelling, evil-smelling, malodorous Example: I refuse to use the fetid public bathroom

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