LOQUACIOUS (Adjective)

MEANING: The tendency to talk too much; being talkative.

EXAMPLE: Why is Bimpe so loquacious for crying out loud?!

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MEANING: Performed through a combination of efforts; by all concerned towards the actualization of set goals.

EXAMPLE: Here at Passnownow.com, we make a continuous and concerted effort towards ensuring that the ultimate user experience is guaranteed.

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MEANING: The predispositions or natural inclinations, propensities or a predilections to do certain things.

EXAMPLE: Ibe did his best to avoid Chioma’s proclivities for as long as their relationship lasted.

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Amorous (Noun)

EXPLANATION: To be strongly moved by love especially in the sexual sense; lustful.

EXAMPLE: Why are teenagers typical amorous on Valentine’s Day?

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MEANING: A strong feeling that something will happen.

EXAMPLE: On the day Chudi died in a plane crash, his sister warned him not to fly because she had a premonition about the event.

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MEANING: Reluctant, indecisive; tending to avoid commitment…

EXAMPLE: Toke is typically noncommittal to anything. I kind of dislike her for that.

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UBIQUITOUS (Adjective)

The seeming ability to be present everywhere at the same time; omnipresent.

Example: I wonder why Nduka expects that I should know exactly what happens in Kafanchan whereas I’m in Lagos. It’s not like I’m ubiquitous.

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The act of completely defeating the plans and hopes of someone; to frustrate or perplex. 

Example: To be frank with you Nonso, your recent changes are really discomfiting… 

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People’s peculiar ways of thinking and behaviour; their uniqueness or characteristics. 

Example: Chudi said that Ayo’s inability to tolerate his idiosyncrasies was the reason for their fallout. 

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Unintentional; to accidentally or mistakenly do or say something.

Example: Ndidi inadvertently poured the hot water on the fowl.

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