Conflate /kənˈfleɪt/ verb


Meaning: Combine two or more texts, ideas etc. into one. Synonyms: Converge, fuse, unify. Example: John will conflate our ideas in a way that will not be helpful.

Conflate /kənˈfleɪt/ verb2020-02-26T14:40:25+01:00

Penitent /ˈpɛnɪt(ə)nt/ adjective


Meaning: Feeling or showing sorrow and regret for having done wrong; repentant. Synonyms: Remorseful, apologetic, contrite, repentant. Example: After the robbery, the thief was penitent and returned the property.

Penitent /ˈpɛnɪt(ə)nt/ adjective2020-02-21T12:39:03+01:00

Epicene /ˈɛpɪsiːn/ adjective


Meaning: Having characteristics of both sexes or no characteristics of either sex, of indeterminate sex. Synonyms: sexless, neuter, androgynous. Example: clothing fashions are becoming increasingly epicene.

Epicene /ˈɛpɪsiːn/ adjective2020-02-20T13:00:40+01:00

Peripatetic /ˌpɛrɪpəˈtɛtɪk/ adjective


Meaning: Travelling from place to place, especially working or based in various places for relatively short periods. Synonyms: Itinerant, nomadic, travelling. Example: The military maintained a peripatetic lifestyle.

Peripatetic /ˌpɛrɪpəˈtɛtɪk/ adjective2020-02-17T15:46:04+01:00

Prognosticate /prɒɡˈnɒstɪkeɪt/ verb


Meaning: Foretell or prophesy a future event Synonyms: Adumbrate,prophesy, forecast. Example: How strange it is that our dreams often prognosticate coming events.    

Prognosticate /prɒɡˈnɒstɪkeɪt/ verb2020-02-13T16:00:14+01:00

Ghoulish /ˈɡuːlɪʃ/ adjective


Meaning: Suggesting the horror of death and decay, morbid or disgusting. Synonyms: Macabre, ghastly, morbid, gruesome. Example: The appearance of the whole thing was ghoulish.      

Ghoulish /ˈɡuːlɪʃ/ adjective2020-02-13T15:10:47+01:00

Ruminate /ˈruːmɪneɪt/ verb


Meaning: Think deeply about something.  Synonyms: Brood, meditate, ponder, cogitate.  Example: The more you ruminate over your poor grade, the worse it will make you feel.

Ruminate /ˈruːmɪneɪt/ verb2020-02-12T15:28:46+01:00

Sycophant /ˈsɪkəfant/ noun


Meaning: A person who acts obsequiously towards someone important in order to gain advantage/win favour. Synonyms: Toady, fawner, flatterer. Example: Josh is a sycophant who laughs at every thing said by his boss.    

Sycophant /ˈsɪkəfant/ noun2020-02-11T17:58:51+01:00