Mirage /mɪˈrɑːʒ/ noun

Meaning: An optical illusion caused by atmospheric conditions, especially the appearance of a sheet of water in a desert or on a hot road caused by the refraction of light from the sky by heated air. Example: The surface of the road ahead rippled in the heat mirages. Synonyms: optical illusion, hallucination, phantasmagosia, apparition, fantasy, [...]

Postpone /pəˈspəʊn/ verb

Meaning: Cause or arrange for (something) to take place at a time later than that first scheduled. Example: The visit had to be postponed for some time. Synonyms: put off, delay, defer, put back, hold over/off, carry over, reschedule, adjourn, stay, shelve, stand over, pigeonhole, keep in abeyance, suspend, mothball  Antonyms: advance, bring forward

Election /ɪˈlɛkʃ(ə)n/ noun

Meaning: A formal and organized choice by vote of a person for a political office or other position. Example: The 2008 local council elections Synonyms: ballot, vote, poll, referendum, plebiscite, general election, local election, popular vote, straw vote/poll Antonyms: voting out

Retrospect /ˈrɛtrəspɛkt/ noun

Meaning: A survey or review of a past course of events or period of time. Example: A full retrospect of the battle

proletarian /ˌprəʊlɪˈtɛːrɪən/ adjective

Meaning: Relating to the proletariat. Example: a proletarian ideology Synonyms: working-class, plebeian, cloth-cap, common, ordinary "those from less privileged, proletarian backgrounds

Inchoate /ɪnˈkəʊət/ adjective

Meaning: Just begun and so not fully formed or developed; rudimentary. Example: A still inchoate democracy

Incipient /ɪnˈsɪpɪənt/ adjective

Meaning: Beginning to happen or develop. Example: he could feel incipient anger building up

Chronological /krɒnəˈlɒdʒɪk(ə)l/ adjective

Meaning: (of a record of events) following the order in which they occurred. Example: the entries are in chronological order Synonyms: sequential, consecutive, in sequence, in order of time, in order, ordered, progressive, serial;  historical

Intravenous /ˌɪntrəˈviːnəs/ adjective

Meaning: Existing or taking place within, or administered into, a vein or veins. Example: An intravenous drip

Extemporize //ɪkˈstɛmpərʌɪz/

Meaning: Compose or perform something such as music or a speech without preparation; improvise. Example: he extemporized at the piano Synonyms: improvise, ad lib, play it by ear, think on one's feet, throw/cobble something together, make it up as one goes along, take it as it comes

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