derelict /DAIR-uh-likt/ adjective

Definition 1: abandoned especially by the owner or occupant; also: run-down 2: lacking a sense of duty: negligent   Examples "On Tuesday, crews … were busy using excavators to tear down derelict buildings on the two sites to make way for future construction." — Bea Lewis, The New Hampshire Union Leader, 27 May 2020 "But [...]

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JINK /JINK/ verb

Definition : to move quickly or unexpectedly with sudden turns and shifts (as in dodging) Examples "Two fighters immediately launched missiles, and the American aircraft jinked up, then down to lose them." — Tom Clancy, Red Storm Rising, 1986 "Indeed there have been enough moments where he has jinked away from opponents or worked half [...]

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emulate /EM-yuh-layt/ verb

Definition 1 a: to strive to equal or excel   b: imitate; especially: to imitate by means of hardware or software that permits programs written for one computer to be run on another computer   2: to equal or approach equality with

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