MEANING: Reluctant, indecisive; tending to avoid commitment…

EXAMPLE: Toke is typically noncommittal to anything. I kind of dislike her for that.

UBIQUITOUS (Adjective)

The seeming ability to be present everywhere at the same time; omnipresent.

Example: I wonder why Nduka expects that I should know exactly what happens in Kafanchan whereas I’m in Lagos. It’s not like I’m ubiquitous.


The act of completely defeating the plans and hopes of someone; to frustrate or perplex. 

Example: To be frank with you Nonso, your recent changes are really discomfiting… 


People’s peculiar ways of thinking and behaviour; their uniqueness or characteristics. 

Example: Chudi said that Ayo’s inability to tolerate his idiosyncrasies was the reason for their fallout. 


Unintentional; to accidentally or mistakenly do or say something.

Example: Ndidi inadvertently poured the hot water on the fowl.


To make a thing more beautiful or attractive than it originally is; to beautify/adorn.

Example: Kehinde wants to embellish his room with new decor materials imported from Italy.

Impasse (Noun)

A situation in which no progress seems possible: DEADLOCK

Example: Negotiations between the government and rebel fighters ended in yet another impasse.

Assuage (Verb)

To make something (such as an unpleasant feeling) less painful or severe.

Example: Despite all efforts to assuage the baby’s discomfort, she kept on crying for her mother.

Pummel (Verb)

To repeatedly hit or punch (someone or something) very hard

Example: The boxer pummelled his opponent silly, knocking him out in only the third round!

Pell-mell (Adverb)

(1) In a confused and hurried way; (2) in mingled confusion or disorder

Example: With sounds of gunshot in the air, everyone was running pell-mell down the street.

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