WORLD CUP: How we beat Nigeria – France coach

France coach Didier Deschamps has explained what he believes gave his side the advantage over Nigeria in the last quarter of the second round match which his team won 2-0 on Monday.

The former France international told reporters in Brazil that he depended on speed to outrun the Super Eagles at Estadio Naicional in Brasilia. Deschamps said as soon as they observed that the Nigerians were using a lot of energy he allowed the Eagles to tire out before making his substitutions.

“At that point we sent in (Antoine) Griezmann for (Olivier) Giroud because he would be fresh and he is a naturally faster striker than Giroud. That speed became a major factor as we noticed that the Nigerians were tired and their midfield had collapsed. And so speed made a lot of difference,” Deschamps said.

He added, “Count the number of saves the Nigerian goalkeeper (Vincent) Enyeama made in the game. Also count the number times we hit the bar and then compare to our own side of the field. How many real goal shot did our goalkeeper stop? What it means is that the real pressure on the Nigerian side and those saves with less prepared goalkeeper could have resulted to more goals.”

8 thoughts on “WORLD CUP: How we beat Nigeria – France coach”

  1. This man is talking trash. Nigerian super eagles would have finished you in the first half and you are talking about tactics. You told your boys to eliminate Ogenyi Onazi, which they did for you and that was it. Is this not the french team that dominates there opponents, Did Giroud took one shot through out the first half?

  2. Yinka Adeosun

    The French coach failed to mention the ruthless behavior of his players on the Eagles and also the fact that the referee unscrupulously ignored most of the ignominious acts. Did he have some ‘arrangements’ with the referee before the match? Worse still, FIFA chooses to keep quiet about this. Is it some sort of connivance?

  3. Yinka Adeosun

    The French coach failed to talk about the ruthless tackles of his players on the Eagles and also about the referee who unscrupulously chose to ignore these ignominious acts. It appears they (the French coach & the referee) had ‘SEEN’ before the match. Worse still, FIFA up till now keeps quiet about this unfortunate incident. Is it some sort of connivance?

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