WOW! Mozilla unveils N4,000 Firefox smartphone


Mozilla has broken the smartphone price barrier with a prototype for a $25 (N4,109) device aimed at the developing world.

The smartphone, created in partnership with Chinese low-cost chip maker Spreadtrum, will be able to run simple apps and make use of mobile internet.

Analysts claim it would appeal to the type of people who currently buy cheap ‘feature’ phones who are locked into long contracts to subsidise the cost of smartphones.

The prototype could allow Mozilla to have an early lead in a market that is increasingly being targeted by mobile device manufacturers.

The Firefox OS device, however, should be judged at a lower-end standard, said Mitchell Baker, chair of the Mozilla Foundation at a press conference.

‘Looking at the richness and power we’re able to offer to this market, you’ll be astonished. Then imagine where we can go from there.’

Other brands are expected to make similar announcements over the next couple of days at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

‘These solutions expand the global accessibility of open web smartphones to first-time and entry-level smartphone buyers by reducing the time and cost required for handset makers to bring these devices to market,’ said Spreadtrum in a press statement.

Individual partners are expected to release the dates of availability for each market.

In addition to the $25 (N4,109) smartphone, Mozilla also launched several high-end models, including devices from Huawei and ZTE.


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