Exam periods are stressful periods for students, whether you live in Nigeria, Canada, Sweden, South Korea or New Zealand. Below are some rituals that students claim get them through their exams, and in flying colours too!

Consider thus:

In the month before exams, I do wash my hair properly but I do not dare to get a hair cut! – Wongani, Malawi

In our hometown, a ritual before exams that everybody follows is eating a small amount of curd with sugar (Jaggery) just before leaving for exam. The belief is that curd is like a mind coolant which keeps the candidate calm.

Also there is a belief for wearing dress with colour according to the day. For example – light coloured dress if going for a exam on Friday. One more – never talk of exam that has passed. – Kumar, India

I dance to the song Let’s Pretend by Al Jarreau before setting off for the exam room. – Joe, Ghana

I had a pen and a pen pouch, which I thought were lucky for me. So, I always would carry them for exam. – Sahar, Dubai. UAE

Here in Zambia, some people believe that during examination time, one should not shake hands with other students as that might transfer all your knowledge to the other person. Because of this belief, some students won’t shake your hand for fear that you will steal their knowledge and pass at their expense! Limba, Zambia

Rituals in India: 1. Eat curd and sugar 2. Study in morning 3. Visiting temples and offering coconut to the lord 4. Forehead Tika – a tradition where a diluted sandalwood paste is applied in the center of forehead vertically. 5. Eating Non Veg – A large amount of Indians go vegan on selective period which includes examination. – Ashay, India

There was an exam taboo in Bangladesh. On exam day, students were not allowed to eat eggs. Parents thought that if their children ate round or zero-like shaped eggs, their children may get zero marks or marks below pass marks! But this exam taboo has ceased to exist.

As a student I don’t perform any rituals on exam days. As far as I know, Bangladeshi students and their parents don’t perform any sorts of ritual except “Praying for success”. Students, along with their parents pray in accordance with their respective religious beliefs for good result. – Arif, Bangladesh

I always study in bed because if I have a nap, it will help me to consolidate what I have learned. – Shona, Brisbane, Australia

Unlike my sister, I would not study the night before an exam – my reasoning was that if I didn’t have a good understanding of the material in the test already, madly studying at the last minute wasn’t going to help.

I preferred getting a good night’s sleep. I also would suck on menthol cough drops during the exam as they seemed to kick my brain into focus. And I would carry my St. Michael’s medal for good luck. – M. Portland, Oregon, United States

I have come to perform a certain constant ritual on my own prior to examination: I remain mute right after leaving home and keep every word to myself because I think that talking too much and going for an examination renders you little strength on mental performance, hence you tend to forget some piece you had in mind, and it has helped me on various moments. – Mac-King, Accra, Ghana

Some of the rituals may sound crazy but it sometimes helps. I also drink chicken essence, or soup on the morning of the exam… but not in a shot. I use a small bowl. Heating it up help to prevent the bad taste. It helps a lot with your concentration and gives more energy to sail through 2 to 3 hours exam period. – Verus, Malaysia

My routine is to take a long, hot bath the week before the exam. The night before, I always drink a cup of herbal tea and eat a few pieces of dark chocolate. – Melissa

What do you make of these? Think it’s a boatload of silliness? Perhaps, you have your own exam ritual too, if yes, do share with us in the Comments.

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