When I was in high school, I was friends with a guy who was super smart. He was always the top of our class. As someone who was really good in school but never the best, I was amazed by him. Whenever we asked him for his secrets, he would shrug and say, “I just do the work. I’m really dedicated.” It was maddening.

I read about study tips all the time all over the Internet – usually, they’re from older people who are out of school and haven’t done homework in years. Wouldn’t it be more helpful to get tips from actual straight A students? Like, study secrets from the people who are always getting the best grades? Well, Ask Reddit has come to the rescue with this thread asking for tips from straight A students on how to get on their level. Want to learn how to study and get better grades? Check out these 12 awesome secrets now:

Get To Class or School Early

20 minutes earlier than the resumption time is not a bad idea. It will give you time to focus, get organised, and get yourself together. Do this! I promise it will help.

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Stop Looking For The Easy Way Out

Seriously. Getting good grades can be very similar to losing weight. Everyone is looking for a trick, a secret that will help them get what they want immediately. The truth is, it’s hard. It’s never going to be easy. It takes work and effort. And if you’re not willing to do that, you’re not going to get what you want.

Trick Yourself Into Being Interested

This is great! You just need to trick yourself into believing what you’re looking at is interesting – even if it’s maths. Make it a game!

Make Being A Student Your Priority

If you want to get straight A’s, then you need to make school your number one priority. If you want to focus on something else, make that your priority. But don’t assume you can get good grades without putting them first.

Make A Checklist At The Beginning Of Every Week

You might think you can keep track of everything in your head, but trust me, you can’t. Make a list every Monday of all the things you need to get done by Friday. Put it somewhere you’ll see it every day and slowly work on it. You’ll get satisfaction out of checking things off, and you’ll be on top of all your assignments.

Do Active Studying Instead of Just Reading

Don’t just read the textbook once, and assume you know everything. That info probably went in and out! Take notes, make flash cards, create your own tests… be active!

Get Your Assignments Done Right Away

Putting things off isn’t going to help you. Do your assignment when the information is fresh in your brain. This also ensures you won’t forget about them. And, even if you pass all the tests, you can’t get straight A’s if you don’t do your homework assignments.

Help Teach Others

Teaching others is a great way to learn. If you can’t form a study group, look into tutoring another student, or even just doing homework with a friend.

Get To Know Your Teacher

Try to get to know your teacher to figure out exactly what they want. Every teacher is different and what works for one might not work for another.

Learn How To Manage Your Time

Your life can’t be all about your schoolwork. Schedule downtime to relax so you don’t burn yourself out. This is really important.

Speak Up In Class

It’s true. If you never speak up, your teacher will never care about you. Ask questions, at least one per class. Get involved with they ask for participants. You don’t need to suck up to them, just tell them you exist and care.

Do What Works For You

Read study tips online and try different things, but in the end, pick what works for you. What helps one person get straight A’s may not help you at all! If you’ve found something that helps you, don’t pay attention to what others say.