In life and as an entrepreneur, we face obstacles that threaten to abort our dreams and make our goals seem unattainable. If one looks beyond the fear and the noise, one would see how these obstacles are enlarged by our mind. To help you see things in the right perspective and help you excel in your chosen field, consider the three points below.

1. Who Do You Want To Be?

Ask yourself this one question. Will my current actions and activities bring me closer to my goals or further away? Sure, you can talk all day about the things you want to achieve, but does that get you closer to who you want to be or further away? Before you give an answer, write down what all your recent activities have been about against who you want to be and see if they measure up.

2. Acknowledge That You Alone Have Control Over Your Life

Stop focusing on everything that’s not working right. Realise that you always have a choice over how you react to situations. To help you, endeavour to keep your goals and what you want to achieve in focus. Such positive thinking will put the fire in your belly to work around the obstacles, and figure out solutions.

3. Never Give In To Fear

You want to be successful. You want to get the job done and well too! So, if you want to ensure your success, you need to stop worrying about failure or all the things that could go wrong. Acknowledge the fear, gain mastery over it by seeing it as just what it is – your mind’s way of dealing with ignorance and inexperience, then convert this to your use by daily bridging the gap between ignorance and knowledge, inexperience and experience.

Keep improving yourself daily. Though the fear may not completely go, but you would have put it in its place – under the direct control of your will!

Anywhere you go in life, and whatever you choose to do with your life; you are going to have to decide who you are going to be in spite of the obstacles you face. You are going to have decide where you will allocate your energy and focus. And as George Lucas said, “Your focus determines your reality.”