If you asked Founder of the Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson, he would tell you that doing good is good for business. But what does this really mean?

According to an article on entrepreneur.com by Tyler Leslie, the key element to becoming a better businessperson is to become a better person first. You know, just like that famous phrase that says “to have good friends, you need to be one.”

Here are three ways to become a better person, which will help you to become better as an entrepreneur.

1. Learn To Truly Care About People

Caring shouldn’t be just because of what you want from them – their money, but because you genuinely care about your customers and human beings in general. Showing people that you understand and feel what they feel actually proves to them that you don’t just care about their money, but also about them as a person, and will attract loyal customers.

Become a better person by being kind to people. When they talk, actually listen to what they say and try to understand, it’s called active listening. Then proceed to show this through your actions you take, as this will help you build a connection with your customers and keep them coming back.

2. Ensure To Be Consistent

You do not want to be selective in the persons you show care to. Think about how many people would stick around if they heard you being rude and unpleasant to others. Not very many, you would agree. So why not be consistent in all your relationships?

In order to become better in business, you need to also become a better person, and see how much your life will improve. Besides, no one wants to maintain close association with an unpleasant, toxic person, even if you are good at what you do.

3. Always Be Authentic

Being authentic in business is one of the most important elements. But being a dishonest and fake person will slowly catch up to you, also, if you are known to be untrustworthy, you will have a hard time keeping the right people around you.

Being genuine to every single person you meet can take you and your business a long way. One way is to really mean whatever you say – people will catch on to flattery sooner than you think, another is to always have something good to say about others or not speak at all.

Show honesty too. If you made a mistake, claim that mistake and figure out how to make it up to them. Show them you genuinely care about their experience, and you are willing to go above and beyond to satisfy them. Being authentic doesn’t cost anything; it only requires your awareness to the people you are around.

Most people want to improve their business and relationships but forget about improving themselves first. Focusing on becoming a better person each day will ultimately help you improve your daily interactions with people, even those who buy what you sell.