In another few weeks, school will be closed for the session for the long vacation. Some will travel, others will enrol for summer coaching classes, while the rest of you may be interested in making some money to spend while on vacation and save up to buy some nice things for yourself in anticipation of resumption.

It is for this last group that this article has been prepared, and for whom that we hope these points will come in handy.

1. Tap Into Your Neighborhood Network

Look into your neighbourhood, you probably know a good number of the people who may be interested in a service you could render. Start out by asking around and seeing if anyone needs odd jobs done or knows someone who does.

Be sure to ask your parents, too. If they have been in the neighbourhood for many years, they probably know many of the neighbours and will be in touch with what’s going on in the neighbourhood.

2. Post on Social Media

Another way to make people know that you are looking for a job or offering a service is by posting it on social media. Someone in your social network may need the service you are offering, or may know someone who does. By using the internet, you can greatly increase the amount of people you can reach, and taking advantage of this can help you make some good money.

3. Play Up Your Skills

Whenever you advertise your search for work, you need to let people know why they should pay you for your services. Make sure to mention any prior experience you have had or any relevant skills that you could bring to this work.

4. Tutor Neighbourhood Children

Long vacation is a popular time for parents to help their children catch up on schoolwork. If you are very good at a particular subject, you could offer your services to neighbourhood parents.

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