While entrepreneurship may be the rage these days, with everyone telling you that is where the money is. There are usually a few truths they leave behind, and which you will find useful. Consider some of these below as inspired by Phil Da Duke of entrepreneur.com.

1. Leave Pride In the Trash

One thing you should know is that titles do not matter. In fact, adopting a lower work title could be an advantage in negotiations where you could claim to have to run a deal past an imaginary boss. Though somewhat dishonest, it can allow you some space for much needed wiggle room in business deals. Also, a humble spirit allows you to admit your mistakes, that others are better than you in some areas, and learn from them.

2. There’s No Such Thing As the Perfect Time

There’s never a perfect time to start a business, because you will always wish you had more money, had more skills, were better prepared, have a solid customer base, or at least very wealthy parents.

But the reality is that starting a business is just like any other major risk — there’s never a good time for it. But you do it all the same because life itself is a risk and the bigger the risk the greater the reward. 

3. People Will Discourage You – Expect It

People hate to see others embrace risks because it reminds them of how few opportunities they have pursued. It also makes them feel miserable when they see others succeed and they look at their own life and all the things they never had the guts to do. Such people love company, and will actively make those around them feel the same way they do.

Be easy on such people, they are not mad at you, they just wished they had made better choices in life.

4. Know This. You Do Not Know Everything

While it is great to stay true to your vision and be resolute in pursuit of success, it is important to make allowance for their doubting too. So, when someone tells you your idea is stupid, consider that it might be just that. If you listen objectively to the opinions of others – even the harshest ones – you will come away with some lessons that are truly beneficial.