World Teachers’ Day 2015: 5 Cool Ways to Appreciate Your Favourite Teacher

World Teachers’ Day, held annually on October 5 since 1994, commemorates teachers’ organisations worldwide. Its aim is to mobilise support for teachers and to ensure that the needs of future generations will continue to be met by teachers.

A teacher isn’t just an instructor. They are a mentor, a guide, a counselor, a protector and a large part of everyone’s life. This May, show your teachers some appreciation.

After all they do for you, sometimes it is hard to find the right ways to thank a teacher. Whether you are a parent, student, or fellow teacher, here are some tips to use and some things to think about.

Praising is one thing that usually brings comfort and joy to a person. Seeing someone who appreciates your work and lighting a spark of understanding in someone’s eyes is something so unique and rewarding that only a few of us really experience. But it’s this same feeling that keeps educators going. It motivates them to strive for excellence and acts as the perfect acknowledgement of all their efforts.

It may not be the award that people in general are looking for but the fulfilment of leaving a mark on someone’s life to help them better develop as a human being is more than most us could wish for. The unfortunate thing is that such accomplishments are not newsworthy so the public is not aware of all these heroes from among us. But have no fear, we all know at least one of them. Every big CEO, hotshot journalist or famous millionaire has a fond memory of a teacher who motivated them.

But besides these personal experiences, what can one do to really appreciate the role of teachers? Appreciation is a responsibility we all have because this world needs great teachers to cultivate beautiful minds.

If you are a student and would like to show appreciation to your teacher in a “LOUD” manner, how about the most basic of all – DIY cards!! Not just greeting cards, you can buy a blank card (those really big ones) and get everyone in the class to design and pen down their messages on it. Then your teacher can reminisce on these messages as and when they want, and get encouraged to soldier on for the noble task of educating the next generation, and that’s you! It won’t cost you anything but its value cannot be underestimated as it carries good wishes from the bottom of your heart. You will only need some scrap material, a pair of scissors, some colouring material, glue and a paper board to create your card. If you go online, you could get lots of clues on creating your own teachers’ day cards with scrap material. There are also lots of designs for you to choose from. For the more creative students, we invite you to share your ideas with us here, on how to create DIY cards that’s meaningful and can last a lifetime!!

Showing appreciation need not be buying dinners or flowers for your teachers. It can be as simple as greeting your teachers cheerfully when you meet them along the corridors in the school compounds.

Doing small acts for your teachers, for example, helping him/her to buy food from the canteen, helping him/her to carry the stacks of exercise books, or simply saying to him/her “Teacher, I appreciate you!” are also good ways to express our thanks! Just show it and let them know through your words and actions.

Showing appreciation towards your teachers need not be a once-a-year event, and it also doesn’t require elaborate efforts on your part. You could always round up a few classmates and come up with ways to liven up your teacher’s day. For example, you could decorate your class notice board to create an ‘Appreciation Wall’ for your fellow classmates to leave short thank you messages for your teachers to read. You could write thoughtful notes on what you liked about your teacher’s style of teaching or even a simple ‘Thank you!’ could perk up his or her day.

How about making special posts on social media or even send eMessages/eCards via your mobile gadgets?

It’s the thoughts and sincere gesture of remembering your teachers’ efforts that will touch their hearts. Just go ahead and kick off little projects like this as your way to honour your teachers!

We have offered some suggestions but we are sure that our readers are more creative. Share with us on this page, by leaving a comment! We want to hear from you! Especially if you have already implemented your ideas! And how did your teachers’ react to your ideas! Let us hear from you!

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