5 Scenarios Every Student Who Has Ever Been In a Class On Reproduction Know So Well

In secondary school, the time eventually comes when you are taught Reproduction in Biology class. Yes, that momentous time when before the whole class, your teacher says things about your bodies and even draws them on the board!

If you haven’t had this experience yet, trust me, your time will come. And as a homage to this point in your lives, we have come up with 5 scenarios that perfectly describe this experience. Consider thus:

1. The class is always a full one

lining up

Because even those who do not normally attend classes turn up! Of course, it’s a class on Reproduction!!

2. When the teacher starts to mention body parts, and the class starts to…

laughing students

…smile, chuckle and laugh. You would think it was a comedy show! The excitement in the air is thick!!

3. When the teacher asks “Any questions?” and the whole class is like…

students asking questions

Me. Me. Me. Because they just want to talk dirty, and this is the only time you can do that without being punished!

4. When certain students who are too shy to ask their questions pass theirs in a piece of paper


And in your mind, you are like “Clap for yourself. Like we all don’t know what’s on that paper!”

5. When the class finally comes to an end and even after two full periods, students are like…


…why do all good things come to an end?

What do you think of this? Care to add any more to the list? Hit us up in the Comments.

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