I will bet you have been in situations where you wonder if a certain teacher really deserves to be called that! It appears some of them stumbled into it; like they took up the offer only because there was nothing better.

Well, I have been there too. So, here is a little test – who says only teachers can give tests! –  to find out if your teacher is simply on fleek, or a dud.

The top five revealed:

1. They Dislike Children

The first commandment of teaching is “You must like children”. But bad teachers regularly break this rule. They just can’t seem to show love to the children they teach. They do not find them charming, interesting or funny – ever!

They are usually the ones who will beat for the slightest error, who will reprimand with strong words before getting more details about the matter. Their faces are set in a perpetual frown that will make even ice shiver! Bad, bad teachers these are.

2. They Have Zero Interest in Their Subjects

They are the type who never welcome questions from their students. They will only teach you what is on the scheme, nothing more, and not even thoroughly! They will not help you develop more interest in the subject, nor fire your curiosity to want to learn more and do more research. They will also never tell you to come to them if perhaps you need a little more explanation.

3. They Don’t Know What They Are Talking About….Most of the Time!

They are the ones who will give you the wrong information, and who will only attempt in class the solved examples from textbooks! They will give you the tough questions, but won’t bother to mark them or give corrections. They will always come up with one excuse why they cannot or will not.

4. They Ignore a Large Portion of the Class

Even if they bother to show some enthusiasm (which is as rare as a blood moon), they usually direct such to eager, compliant students because these ones do not trouble them or challenge their intelligence.

5. They Simply Don’t Care

They are the ones who tell their students that they will never score high in their subjects. They will also tell you in so many words that they do not care if you understand their subject or not, if you make a success of your life or not. They are usually the ones who talk down to their students, ridiculing and belittling them with words.

Have you met such teachers? If you have, just find a way to learn without them and remember that such people are toxic, you don’t want to take their words seriously. The error is in them not you.

And as a way to getting that seriously bad teacher out of the classroom for good, why not speak with the school authority if your school has an open policy, or with your parents who will then take up the issue with the school authority? 

Do not be afraid of being victimised by him/her, they will be scared of targeting you because they are aware that you are not in fear of them. And even if they do, continue to speak up!