This new session offers you a fresh slate to rewrite your academic story, improving where you struggled last session as well as learning from your mistakes. Yet, you shouldn’t be the only one to be bothered about this, your parents can help too. But how? Let’s see.

Getting to know your teachers can help your parents discover how to best support you in your academic pursuits. Consider some well-placed questions your parents could ask:

1. What Does My Child Do Well?

This will help them have first-hand information about your strengths and where you need to improve. In fact, such information can be more insightful and beneficial that just reaching incomplete information from your report card.

2. What Are My Child’s Challenges?

When parents ask what challenges their wards are facing, these can help to uncover important information that a child may feel reluctant to discuss with his/her parents. And with this information at hand, parents will be better prepared, more understanding and more helpful.   

3. How Can My Child Succeed In Your Class?

Your parents should find out what teachers look for and expect from students. Things like how submitting homework assignments on time and staying back after school for extra lesson can contribute towards improving student’s success in a particular subject. This will help them have a clear understanding of the steps to be taken.

4. What Are the Most Important Lessons My Child Will Learn In Your Class?

It’s also important for parents to know what their children will be learning in a specific class and more importantly, how that information will be important to their future. When your parents understand the significance of the material, they will be better equipped to help you understand how that information pertains to your future career and life after school.

5. How Much Time Should My Child Spend Doing Homework For Your Class?

The answer to this question can help your parents understand if you are having difficulties with a specific class.

6. If My Child Doesn’t Understand the Work, What’s the Best Way To Get Extra Help?

This will enable parents know the types of resources the school offers to help struggling students; like tutoring service, after school study groups, if the teacher is available before or after school to help students, and how you can get help if necessary.

7. What’s the Best Way To Contact You?

Parents should also find out how teachers will prefer to communicate with them. While some teachers are happy to respond to a quick email, others want to talk over the phone. If parents can make it clear that they want to hear about any problems and would love to support their ward’s education any way they can, a teacher who understands this level of involvement will be more likely to make contact when problems arise.

Parents can contact teachers with good news too. A simple thank-you email for their help, and an acknowledgement of improvement in a particular class is likely to be appreciated by any teacher.