Boys behave differently from girls, as such, they are usually hard-pressed to talk about their feelings or what bothers them except they have grown to trust you and admire you a lot. How then can you get a guy to open up to you?

The secret is to inquire patiently, and without judgment. I believe this is applicable to everyone irrespective of gender, since getting people to open up to you may be compared to drawing water from a deep well – it requires lots of patience.

Consider these 7 magical and thoughtful ways

1. Just start interacting with him a lot is all. And try to lead the conversation a bit with him. The more you do, the more comfortable he will become with you, and eventually open up.

2. Just make small talk. Ask him about homework, or tell him you like his shirt or something. You have to start small, especially when the person is shy. Eventually, you will both be more comfortable, and getting to know each other better will come more naturally.

3. Don’t say you are hard to read or anything like that! Be soft and gentle, since he is a shy guy. You don’t want to come off too strong and make him even more shy, or make him pull himself away. I would ask in person or call, but if he’s really shy, maybe texting could work. You will know what’s right.

4. I guess he might be REALLY shy and introverted, or he just doesn’t want to say too much about himself or his family. Try asking him why he’s so quiet and doesn’t want to talk about himself.

5. Maybe he’s just not confident when it comes to girls. Maybe he’s just shy around you, but through text he can be himself. Make it clear that he can tell you how he’s feeling, and you know what’s going on inside his head.

6. Maybe he is shy and he isn’t that comfortable with his friends, but if he chats away with you, that means he’s comfortable around you. When a shy guy is comfortable around a girl, it’s a very good thing, it could mean that he likes you, or as a sister.
It all depends on how shy he is. When a guy is really shy, he will barely talk to the girl he likes because he’s shy and really nervous.
7. But the more you to him more and invite him to more things, the quicker he will come around. Besides, that would be a really nice thing to do.