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8 Quick Facts About Your Eyebrows You Never Knew

1. Your eyebrows play a huge role in helping people recognise you, and may be a better cue for facial recognition than even the eyes.

2. Your eyebrows help in keeping your eyes protected from sweat, dead skin, rain and flying objects. Instead of sweat dripping into your eyes, they follow the curve of your brows and drip down the side!

3. An average person has approximately 250 hairs per eyebrow. Also, an ungroomed eyebrow can contain as many as 550 hair follicles, which would mean 1100 total hairs!

4. The eyebrow hairs emerge from the follicle at a very acute angle so that the hair grows flat to the skin’s surface.

5. Eyebrows shed hair and it takes approximately 4 months for an eyebrow to completely replace itself, showing that the hairs of the eyebrows grow twice as slow as the hair on our head. (Girls, don’t be so quick to experiment and shave off your brows!)

6. Your eyebrows help you to express and to recognise emotions. Think about it! You can tell exactly how someone is feeling based on their facial movements. If they have wrinkled brows, they’re probably angry. If one is raised it could mean they are feeling inquisitive or confused, and if they’re feeling shocked, both might be raised.

7. They turn gray just like the rest of your hair, only that it takes years after your head goes gray for them to follow suit. They also thin as you age, just like the hair on your head.

8. Eyebrows should be shaped according to your face shape and natural features, as the picture below shows:


2 thoughts on “8 Quick Facts About Your Eyebrows You Never Knew”

  1. I have always wondered about what the purpose of having eyebrows was and so I am really glad that I was able to find this post. I had no idea that they protect my eyes from dead skin or flying objects. However, I do think that they are extremely useful when it comes to expressing and recognizing emotions. I mean, I always lower my eyebrows whenever I am really frustrated and that is one way that my emotions are shown with them.

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