Bullying can take up any form. It could be physical, social or even verbal. Whatever the case, these 8 steps will ensure that you set yourself free from the hands of a bully. Like anything that’s worth the price, it requires one to be courageous, and resilient. Consider the 8:

  1. Be prepared: Think beforehand about what you would do when confronted with the situation. it will not be out of place to even rehearse different ways in which you could react. This enables you cut out what you feel will not work, and gives you reserve power for when it does happen.
  2. Act Confident: Are you aware that by acting confident, you can become confident? It does not matter if it seems your heart will beat right out of your chest, or that your palms are increasingly getting sweaty, or you are all shaky inside – no one knows these except you! The bully will only see what you allow him see.                         
  3. Speak Up!: Each time you stand up and speak for yourself, you weaken the power a bully has on you. True, it may not seem quite easy at first, and the bully may become even more relentless – because he’s aware that he has power over you only as long as he keeps you in fear of him- you should manage to find enough strength to speak up for yourself, don’t give up.
  4. Try to Defuse the Situation: Fighting back with anger or violence will only worsen the situation. Why not try to look for an opportunity to manage the crisis? Perhaps with humour, or something thoughtful and nice that you observe in the bully. Humans, even mean ones like a compliment even if they don’t admit it.                                                                                                                                                                                    Remember, it must be genuine. That way you are not playing on the same level as him, you are playing on a higher moral ground. What better way to show who is better?
  5. Think of Ways You Can Protect Yourself: One of such will be by avoiding places bullying might happen, and a willingness to walk away. Walking away does not mean you are weak, rather it shows self-control and wisdom on your part. Don’t walk to school alone, take your friend(s) along with you, this could act as a restraint to the bully.
  6. Label your things
  7. Don’t Bring Money or other Expensive Things To School: Because of our sense of what is fair, you may be unlikely to let go of some of your things that are highly-valued, and this will put you right where the bully wants you to be. So, to protect yourself from potentially bad situations, keep the use of these things to when you return home.
  8. Tell On the Bully: This may sound uncool, and you may want to give the appearance that you have everything under control. But, it is not a smart choice, and asking for help from those who can render it is a smart move, not a sign of weakness! By speaking to your parents, a trusted adult, or school officials about it, you will be shining a spotlight on the bully, and even saving others from similar situation.

Do you see the practical steps you may take to beat a bully without using your fists? What do you think? We welcome your comments.