Are You a Picky Eater? You Can Jazz Up Your Eating Habit With These 5 Tasty Tips

Are you a picky eater? Does food put you off? Perhaps, the smell, taste, or texture are what bother you. And it could also be that you are not being creative enough with your food to give you the enthusiasm to eat. Check out some of the tasty tips you could follow below:

1. Rule Out Medical Problems

Certain sensory disorders can cause problems with textures of certain foods. If you find yourself picking to eat only certain foods, without being allergic to them, then you may like to see a doctor to rule out any serious disorders that might need treatment.

It is also possible that being a picky eater could be the result of an underlying mental health problem. Eating disorders and body image issues often become apparent during adolescence as teens worry about their body size and self-image, and changes in diet or the refusal to eat certain foods can be a red flag.

2. Why Not Try Eating With Others?

It is a fact that some people eat better when they eat with others. If this is the case with you, you may want to sit down to dinner with your family and friends as this could help your eating habit. A family dinner is also the time to try out new foods to see if you can beat your pickiness. You never know when you will discover a new favourite out of a dish you thought you would never touch with a long spoon!

 3. Remember That Food Gives You the Nutrition Your Body Needs

Look at this way too, eating nutritious food in healthy portions is important for better athletic performance, and also nourishes your brain cells which will help you get better grades.

Remember that foods you don’t fancy much like whole grains – oats, wheat, bran, etc. – and lean protein – egg yolk, beans, nuts, etc. – contribute to making you perform better in the areas of your life that you truly care about.

4. Could You Contribute To Preparing the Food?

Perhaps, having a part in the food preparation could whet your appetite enough to want to taste the creation of your own hands. To make eating more fun, you could even be creative with your recipes, mixing things and trying new ingredients.

While these are some ways of trying to get to you to eat more, realise also that it will take you a while to get over your pickiness. So, be easy on yourself and don’t expect to make big changes too soon. But so long as you keep trying different things and methods, and allow yourself be more creative, you will gradually see the difference between the old you, and the new, bold and daring you.

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