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Here’s What Happens Inside You When A Mosquito Bites You (VIDEO)

This is a video of a mosquito inserting itself into the flesh of a mouse in search of some blood. Scientists were able to watch the entire process through a microscope to see how a mosquito bites down. It's kind of freaky how flexible the needle can get. National Geographic's Not Exactly Rocket Science shows [...]

The Best Way to Handle Bullying and Social Media Harassment

Just before the www became part of our daily lives, a teenager’s only experiences with harassment involved dodging folks in the schoolyard. What an innocent time. Now that we spend the bulk of our waking hours glued to social media, the chance of being targeted increase drastically. The sheer breadth and scope of social media [...]

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9 Signs You’re A Bad Friend

There are some friends who are always there for you no matter what. They are just like family to you. Also, we all have frenemies, those we expect not have our best interests at heart. And then there are the bad friends who we think will be supportive, loving and caring, but they just aren’t. [...]

9 Awesome Facts About The Reproductive Lives Of Birds And Bees

Here are some awesome facts you might not have known about the reproductive lives of our feathered and stinger-ed friends - Birds and Bees. Most Male Birds Don't Have Penises Ninety-seven percent of bird species don't grow penises. But why? A 2013 study that compared chickens (who don't have penises) with ducks (whose penises are [...]

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4 Ways To Actually Use The Internet For Good

Social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. are readily accessible through every platform nowadays due to the advancement of technology. We use our phones, computers and tablets to check Facebook, Instagram and Twitter during awkward silences and moments in our lives or even when we are just bored. The Internet is an absolutely amazing resource, [...]

5 Things You’re Doing Wrong When You Can’t Sleep

Science says we need seven to nine hours of sleep a night to be considered healthy sleepers. Well, what happens if you can’t sleep? What if you have insomnia? What if you just find yourself feeling restless at night? What if you’re a night owl? Regardless of your reasons for not sleeping, you still need [...]

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5 Reasons You’re Always Hungry

It's certainly not okay when you always feel like a bottomless pit for no obvious reason. Hunger is the physiological need for calories, water and salt, and it's driven by a mix of factors, including your diet, appetite hormones and emotional factors. Figuring out why you can't stop shovelling it down is important, because excess [...]

Girl Talk: 5 Period Issues That Could Mean Something Is Wrong

Periods are totally normal, and you should never be embarrassed about getting yours! However, I'm sure of anyone who boasts about enjoying her periods. But it's definitely true that some gals have it easier than others. Menstruation is something women just have to deal with. The bottom line is that your period should never keep [...]

Brain Teaser: Solve This If You Think You’re So Smart

This now-viral puzzle comes from a Hong Kong elementary school admission test for six-year-olds, who’re required to solve it within 20 seconds. Let’s see how long it’ll take you to figure out the answer. Tell us your answer in the comment… plus how long it took you to arrive at the answer. No cheating… and [...]

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