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Step Up Your Game By Avoiding These Ten Social Media Don’ts

1. You don’t have a profile photo: Help people to know you’re real, and not a robot or spam account! 2. You only share selfies and humblebrags: If someone likes seeing your mug that much, let’s hope you already live with them. Also, people can identify a humblebrag, and it just makes you look obnoxious. [...]

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Why It’s Totally Unhealthy for Teens to Skip Breakfast

After a long night of studying followed by an early morning wake-up call and rush to the bus stop, teenagers can often struggle to fit a healthy breakfast into their routine. Though breakfast is important for all family members, it's particularly critical for teenagers who need lots of energy throughout the day to remain alert, [...]

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How Where You Sit In Class Affects Your Grades

Which is your favourite seating position in class? For me back then, I love to sit somewhere in front. Maybe because of my sight, or, perhaps because of the proximity to the teacher. The choice of seating position in class is somewhat dependent on the students. While some prefer to sit in front, others love [...]

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How our Sense of Taste Works

Sense of taste (or gustatory perception), is one of our basic senses. It helps us to differentiate between what’s edible, and what’s not. Taste buds are arranged around our mouth – with each one having what's called a taste hair that pokes out of the top. The hairs are geared to tune into the presence [...]

How to Get Your Parents to Forgive You After You’ve Done Something Wrong

We all sometimes get into the bad book of our parents. Even if you kinda feel justified for the action that got you into trouble, you still have to lower your ego by appeasing your parents. After all, you can't do without them. In case your first plain, boring "I'm sorry." doesn't work for your [...]

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7 Surprising Things That Are Seriously Stressing You Out

I hate stress, but I seem to thrive on it because I can’t seem to stop. Even when I recognise that I’m stressed, I still end up taking things on or continuing to do things that stress me out. There are of course common stressors like school or work or sitting in traffic. There are [...]

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8 Actions You Can Take Right Now For A Successful School Year

Whether you’re just about to pack up and head back to school or you are returning to campus after a long holiday, you’ll want to make the most of this session. Showing up for class and taking notes is only half a loaf of school experience. For the full loaf, try doing these 8 things during the new session: [...]

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WAEC adjusts GCE timetable over Eid-el-Kabir

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has adjusted the timetable of the ongoing November/December 2015 West African Senior School Certificate Examination for private candidates to allow Muslim candidates participate in the Eid-el-Kabir celebration. WAEC Head of Nigeria National Office, Mr. Charles Eguridu, who disclosed this yesterday in Abuja during a media parley with members of [...]

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5 Silly Things Guys do When They Like a Girl

Here is a list of 5 peculiar things that guys need to totally STOP doing when their heart begins to flutter for a girl: 1. Cyber-stalking: Imagine waking up to a thousand notifications from a person you have just met, he has not only liked each and every picture of yours but has also made [...]