Do you feel like you have found a thing you enjoy a lot – baking, photography, painting, sports, writing, jewelry and bead making, and all such. But have you ever thought about actually making money off your awesome beads or super cool pictures?

This is a thing you can totally do, and Lilit Marcus of has some tips for you.

1. Don’t Discount Your Interests

Some of the world’s most awesome creatives achieved success by finding new and unusual ways to express themselves.

Take, for example, someone who worked as a nanny but also played in a band — she ended up starting a successful children’s band and now makes money playing at birthday parties. And it wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t realised that her love for music and her love of kids could combine so nicely.

Sometimes having a diverse range of interests helps you see the connections that other people miss.

2. Ban the Word Aspiring

If you don’t take yourself seriously, nobody else will! Just because you are not a professional yet doesn’t mean you are not legit! Don’t ever use the word aspiring, hopeful or amateur. Own your skills and have faith you can make a little cash from them, just like the so-called pros.

3. Set Firm Goals and Deadlines

Since your hobby isn’t full-time, it can be hard to hold yourself accountable. There’s nobody standing over your shoulder telling you to do it right. In order to take your growing business to the next level, you will need to be your own boss.

Create a list of goals, then come up with reasonable timelines for achieving them— if you want to sell your jewelry, how will you get customers? And when will you branch out and add other items to what you offer? Having a well constructed business plan isn’t a bad idea either, no matter how small your operation is.

4. Establish a New Social Media Presence

You, as an individual and you as a boss may be the same person, but that doesn’t mean they should have the same social media profiles. Consider making separate Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts in order to target customers—and to keep parts of your life from unnecessarily bleeding into one another. 

Basically, establish your brand and the money will come – maybe a trickle at first.

5. Talk To/Read About Entrepreneurs You Admire

The most interesting career paths are those that look more like an “S” than a straight line. Gone are the days when people start working at one company and stay there forever. Instead, it’s pretty common to try out a couple of different things, pick up skills along the way, and eventually forge your own path—or even just forge your own path from the get-go.

For more insight, talk to/read about entrepreneurs who have successfully turned their hobbies into big businesses, and learn about how they got from A to B. It will help you see the bigger picture and make your own work feel less like a waste of time.

6. Get Yourself In the Know

Take classes – even online ones, read books, follow the right people in your field on social media, attend seminars – find free seminars if you cannot afford the paid ones. That way, when a great opportunity comes up (like a craft fair you want to be a part of, a talent-hunt show, or a design showcase for up-and-comers), you will be in the know.

No matter how great your stuff is, the cash will only come once you put yourself in the position to make it! Be in the know, and use that to your advantage.

Here’s wishing you all the best!