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10 Facts About E-Learning

E-learning is one of those trends that has been gradually gaining traction for the past several years, but now it seems like it's finally started to hit its stride. Every day more educational institutions and companies are offering online courses, and for a good reason, it is convenient and time-saving, and it can also be [...]

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Future Career Considerations Don't wait until the last minute to start these types of discussions with your child. Starting early is key, your child should start having a better understanding of what their interests are. Here are some questions to guide your conversation: Help them narrow down what aspects matter most Encourage "strength spotting"; this [...]

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7 Common English Grammar Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Writing

English grammar mistakes are common. When you are speaking, it can be easy to get away with making a grammar error or two. As a student, you must be very careful to avoid making mistakes in your writing. Mistakes can cause your readers to question your credibility and ultimately whether they should trust you. To [...]

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5 Ways To Improve Your Memory

Do you know that an improved memory is an essential academic tool you can have to succeed in school? A Good Memory is a critical element of academic success, so you must pay attention to methods that can help improve your memory. Developing a helpful strategy can effectively bolster your memory, enhance recall, and increase [...]

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Reasons Why STEM Education Is Important

As the world becomes more technologically and scientifically advanced, students need to be well versed in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math. Do you know that 70% of future jobs will require a background in tech? Source: Statista. Today, we live in a world-changing faster than ever before. New technologies are constantly being [...]

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10 Ways To Beat Exam Anxiety And Pass Exams

You are not alone if you suffer from exam anxiety, fear of exams is common for both younger students and adults. It can be caused by an acute stress response, which is a natural response to perceived threats and danger.  This can involve a rush of adrenaline, increased heart rate, and tunnel vision and also Poor [...]

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How to Help Your Hyperactive Kid

If you’ve got a problem-child at home who can’t seem to sit still or listen mindfully, then that may be a sign of hyperactivity. It gets even worse if you hear complaints from the teachers about your child’s recklessness and lack of care both inside and outside the classroom. They are always blessed with abundant [...]

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How Teachers Can Handle Bullying In Schools

As a teacher, you have likely seen the effects of bullying on your students. When children are bullied their grades suffer, and they are more likely to experience a variety of mental health disorders later in life including depression and low self-esteem. Whether or not you have experienced bullying yourself, you must create an environment [...]

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A utopia where Kids with Cerebral Palsy(CP) get the best education

There is a lot of Myth surrounding the learning ability of kids with CP, especially in Africa. The general belief here is that kids with CP always have a learning disability but that is absolutely false just like the brilliant kid Adebolu Adejobi clearly proved after scoring highest in the just-released 2021 West African Examination [...]

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