If you are inactive, simply adding a brisk 20-minute walk each day could reduce your risk of death by as much as 30%. Surprised? Doctors have explained that a lack of exercise increases premature death risk twice as much as being obese, according to a large study.

Inactivity in this case is often caused by being sedentary and not engaging in any recreational physical activity. Just 20 minutes per day of brisk walking, and burning 90 to 110 calories will move you from the “inactive” category to the “moderately inactive” category.

How Much Exercise Do You Need?
Health authorities worldwide recommend 30 minutes of moderately-intense physical activity (the type that leaves you slightly out of breath) at least five days per week, such as brisk walking. These bouts of exercise should be 10 minutes or more in length. If you maintain this pace for over a week, it will match the amount of exercise the study found to be associated with a decreased risk of premature death.

So, if you school is nearby, why not ditch the bike or bus and brisk-walk, you might just be preserving your life!