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Girl Talk!!! Some Common Vagina Issues

Vaginal problems are some of the most common reasons women visit the doctor. They may have symptoms such as:

  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Pain
  • Irritation
  • Abnormal Discharge
  • Discharge
     Let’s talk about everything that can go wrong in and around your vagina. If you have been feeling any of these signs, here is a chance to really know what’s wrong with you.

1. Foul or Funky Smell  Plus Thick Whitish Discharge 

If there’s an odor coming from your pant line, it definitely means something is wrong. The problem is, this smell could have a ton of possible causes. A really bad odor accompanied by discharge is often a sign of bacterial vaginosis.  In this case, you may need antibiotics to treat it. Bacteria Vaginosis is basically an overgrowth of anaerobic bacteria in the vagina, which can be caused by anything that messes up your natural pH balance (like douching, sex, or antibiotics).

2. Itching, Irritation and a Burning Sensation

 A recurrent itch, particularly with discharge, could be a sign of a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. This could also mean a lot of things, so if you have any persistent itching, burning, redness, irritation, or unusual stuff going on, check in with your doctor. But if you’ve tried treating all that and still can’t get rid of the itch, it could be a simple skin reaction to something like your soap, a feminine wash, or even your detergent. 

3. It hurts to Pee

Vaginal or vulva pain could be a sign of infection. Visit a doctor when you feel this.

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4. Bleeding when it’s not your period

Bleeding when you are not on your period could for a number of reasons from a hormonal imbalance. Sometimes spotting can be a sign of an infection or health condition, so talk to your doctor if it persists.

5. You feel like scratching really bad

Before you freak out about crabs or STIs, keep in mind that the most common cause of itching around your pubic area is simply skin irritation. Soaps, bubble baths, detergents, even the dyes in your underwear can all cause irritation for some people who have sensitive skin.

So if you’ve got some weird itching or a slight rash around your vulva (and you’re pretty sure you haven’t been exposed to any STIs), you might want to start by washing your genitals with just water to see if it clears up. 

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