Girl Talk: What To Do To Never Rip Your Hose and Leggings Ever Again


I know that getting a rip in your tights is a total fashion disaster! Imagine feeling high as a kite for killing it with your ensemble, and then look! a rip in your hose – OMG! if only the ground would open and swallow you.

It is one of the worst things that can happen to a girl; next to falling flat on your face, or getting stained during your monthly and in public too! But there might just be a solution. Pop them in the freezer! Yes, amid all those edibles, and the remnant of yesterday’s dinner.

When you get a new pair of tights, always ensure to wet them under water and put them in a plastic bag, then stick them in the freezer overnight. Take them out the next day and let them thaw out.  You only have to do this one time, and your tights will actually get stronger. Cold temperatures make the fibers of your tights more firm, so they’re less likely to rip.

So, here’s one fashion tip for any girl who has ever walked in those painful shoes. Never again! No, never again!!

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