Google Wants To Help Make You the Best Student Ever With These 7 Features

Go ask Google. This may be the reply that you get at times when you seek the answer to a burning question because the person genuinely doesn’t have the answer or is being plain sarcastic.

But in truth, Google does know everything – as we know! And what’s more? Read on as we lead you in on the secret, see below:

1. Use Google Search as a Graphing Calculator

Who needs a scientific calculator when you have a smartphone that can do so much more? Drop a function to graph into the Google Search box and ka ching! Google will do the rest for you. You can even interact with the graph by tapping on the graph.


Just paste the following function into the search box and be amazed: sqrt(cos(3*x))*cos(100*y)+1.5*sqrt(abs(x)) + 0.8 x is from -1 to 1, y is from -1 to 1, z is from 0.01 to 2.5. Yes, even complex-looking functions!

2. Get Rid of Unreliable Sources With Google Scholar

You know how you get countless number of leads when searching on Google, they are so many that going through them all may well be deemed a miracle, besides, you aren’t even sure of how accurate they are! Well, here’s a simple hack on how to find relevant information for your research paper from reputable sources: Search on Google Scholar instead of plain Google.

Google Scholar only displays search results from peer-reviewed online journals and scholarly books and other non-peer reviewed journals. In other words, everything there is  legit.

3. Create Your Reference Page Too

Google Scholar isn’t just good for  searching for sources. You can also create your Reference page with it, too. When you find a source you would like to use, click on Cite under the search result and the citations will pop up in all the formats you could ever need so you can just copy and paste into your paper!

build reference page

4. Use It as a Dictionary

If you don’t know what that big word your teacher just used means, all you have to do is type Define: followed by the word you need the definition for and Google will help you out on the spot.

Google as Dictionary

 5. Use It as a Thesaurus

Though word repetition can be a powerful writing tool (for the purpose of emphasis); it can also be mediocre and distracting to use a word repeatedly especially when someone else is reading your essay (your English teacher or an essay competition judge). So if you desperately need another word for repeat, just Google the definition,  and then synonyms should appear below the definition.

Google as Thesarus


6. Time Your Study Session

If you want Google to keep you accountable for actually studying for the 45 minutes you promised you would when you woke up this morning, have Google keep time for you. Type Set timer for 45 minutes into the Google search box, and it will set a timer for you. 

 Set timer

 7. Convert Measurements

Converting measurements is no joke, so let Google help you out. Just Google what measurement you need converted like this: 8 grams to kilograms. Google will do the rest!

convert with Google

Isn’t this why we just love Google University?

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