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OPINION: On Sexuality Education in Schools

I read an article in the newspaper by a women’s right activist justifying comprehensive sex education being taught in schools and the defense of sexual rights for school children. I am afraid this stand might promote immorality among school children. I will like to share a personal experience. About seven years ago, I had written [...]

DANDRUFF: These Habits could be Sabotaging your Efforts at effective Treatment

Believe it or not, dandruff is a common scalp disorder that affects many teenagers. All that itching and scratching of your head could just be caused by it! Here are a few things you should know about dandruff’s- it has been established that keratinocytes play a key role in the generation of immunological reactions during dandruff formation. [...]

Take note Teens: Tips for taking Care of your Nails

Right early on in life, we get told how very necessary it is for us to always keep our nails clean. And what better way to keep the nails clean than to trim them, right? Trimming the nails help to prevent dirt from getting collected in them, said dirt which is then unknowing transferred to [...]

Some amazing things every Teen should know about Milk production

We all love milk, especially so here in Nigeria where food allergies are rare (almost non-existent) and nobody is milk-intolerant. We use milk for our chocolate drinks, use it to drink our paps and akara on Saturdays and use it also on those Sunny afternoons we feel like drinking garri with loads of groundnut and [...]

Boys! Do you want to grow some Beards faster? Let me show you the Secrets

Teenagers, especially the male ones, always wish they could look older than their actual age. For them, the ability to look older than their actual age[s] would help them to assert their independence and maybe even woo the girls. But then boys have one thing to their disadvantage- their hormones which typically tend to develop [...]

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Basic Nutrition Facts for Teens: What you should be eating

The key to achieving overall good health and growth for teens is through constant intake of a balanced and healthy diet. Unfortunately, many young people resent certain kinds of food while preferring the other. They particularly hate vegetables and beans, and could eat junks for the rest of their lives! But the side effects of [...]

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Some simple but effective Ways Parents can make their Teens eat healthy means

Today I am focusing a lot on health and healthy lifestyle because as a popular saying goes, health is wealth. Unhealthy teens can barely feel good with themselves much less perform academically whereas on the other hand, healthy teens are typically most excellent at their academics. Now considering that parents are directly in charge of [...]

An Expose on Ways most Teenagers handle their fledging Sexualities

Discovering one’s sexuality and not being unable to explore it can be so constraining, annoying and even depressing. This is even truer if one lives in a conservative society like Nigeria where any form of lewdness is instantly frowned upon; much less when teenagers exhibit such. Yet, as teens mature sexually, majority of them still [...]

How Parents and Teachers can detect Signs of Low Self Esteem in Teenagers

Teenage years can be hectic, even as they are typically characterized by many teenagers having insecurity issues. As a result of the problems they face both at home and in school such as bullying and peer pressure, teens overtime find themselves struggling with low self esteem and other related issues. It is therefore important for [...]

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Helping Teenagers organize their Rooms: what Parents should do

One of the challenges parents face when raising teenagers is getting their teens to keep their rooms clean. Most teenagers’ rooms are typically in disarray (and most especially the boys), with clothes strewn across the floor, beds unmade  and all kinds of rubbish under the bed. Some of these rooms do not get swept for [...]

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