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Attention Teens! Tips to effective personal Hygiene

One of the ways I personally adjudge one’s maturity (both mental and physical) is to assess the level of such a person’s personal hygiene. Many will agree with me that it is gross to behold people who are unkempt, smelly and disgusting. That is [therefore] the reason why a lot is expected of you when [...]

Understanding Social Anxiety: What it is and how it affects Teens

Social Anxiety is a psychological concept used to describe a kind of phobia; an overwhelming fear of being judged or embarrassed in public. Please note that this fear is beyond the usual discomfort associated with speaking in front of a large crowd. You can also feel really scared of even showing up in small gatherings [...]

Are you Dyslexic? These Tips should help you

Being dyslexic can be such a challenge, both for the student and for teachers. This is because not only will a dyslexic student struggle with reading and understanding school work, the teachers themselves will also have troubles teaching such a student. There is also the possibility of such student being bullied by other things who [...]

These Brain Foods that will help Teens study well and make good Grades

Ever noticed that you are always hungry when you are studying for your exams? That seemingly incessant hunger for food is as a result of the serious brain work you do during exam times. The human brain needs a lot of energy to function on a normal day and when you use your brain for [...]

Teens! Do you know of the Immense Health Benefits of Lemon?

When life gives you lemon, make lemonade. Ever heard of that adage? Do you know what it means? Anyway, that is a topic for another article. In the meantime, let us examine some of the numerous health benefits of lemon; shall we! Lemon is beneficial to humanity in so many ways. Asides the fact that [...]

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Teens! Learn ways to Manage School-related Stress

Although it may not seem like it, the truth is that secondary school students are actually [incessantly] busy. The amount of subjects they are required to study, the many tests they write and of course the fear of almighty WAEC (both Junior and Senior) can all be catalysts for stress. And then there is the [...]

Amazing Brain Facts every Teen should know

The brain is probably the most essential part of the human body, especially considering how it is responsible for the coordination of activities in the body; including the ability to think, feel, move and express, etc. In other words, the brain controls both our voluntary and involuntary actions including respiration, an activity that is undeniably [...]

Here are what happens when Teenagers are Bored

Teenagers tend to struggle with a lot of things each time they are overwhelmed with boredom. They struggle to stay motivated and might even lose sight of their goals in the process of that struggle. Little wonder teens who are bored always neglect their school work, extracurricular activities and household chores. Bored teenagers may also [...]

Teens! What do you Know about Sexual Abuse?

Let us get one thing straight; shall we? Now when a teenager says he or she was sexually abused, this doesn’t necessarily mean he or she was raped. There are different forms of sexual abuse. Just imagine that a mentor or an elderly person who is supposed to look after you turns around and asks [...]

Science Students! Here are the Basic Safety Measures to Observe While in the Labouratory

Let me begin this article by telling a rather funny but instructive story. Enjoy and learn please… First year Medical Students of Kenyatta University were attending their first Anatomy Class. As they all gathered around the Anatomy Table beholding the real dead body before them, their lecturer, Professor Mwangi started the class by telling them [...]

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