An Open Line of Communication

An Open Line of Communication

Have you ever tried talking to your parents, but the words did not come out right? Perhaps it did, but they were not listening, and you were cut off eventually. It could also be that your parents wanted to talk, but you would rather not. What should you do in each of these scenarios? Let us consider some of the things you can do.

You Want To Talk, But Cannot Find the Right Words

Start by clearly identifying what you want to talk about. Organise them in your mind, or on paper for clarity. If you still experience difficulty talking to them, why not discuss the matter while you are more relaxed? Perhaps, while helping out in the kitchen, washing, driving or shopping.

You Want To Talk, But They Are Distracted

You should know that communicating with your parents is like driving a car. If you encounter a roadblock, do you just give up? No, you simply find another route! So, if it seems that your parents are not listening now – remember that they too have a lot on their minds – you could try to discuss the matter at another more convenient time, or better still, write a letter expressing your feelings, and slip it into their hands.

They Want To Talk, But You Don’t Want To

When your parents ask you about school, or your friends; they do these with the best intentions. How is that so? Because they are interested in what is going on with you! Remember this before you blow them off, or answer their questions half-heartedly.

So, what should you do? It would not be so bad to delay the questions until you are in a better frame of mind, telling them so, and doing this respectfully too. And you can keep the conversation going by talking about other lighter things. This will put you in a more relaxed condition to then answer their questions.

What do you think of these tips? Are they practical? Would you like to try them out? Don’t forget to share the outcome with the rest of us.