People often talk about finding one’s purpose like it’s a task to be completed, and perhaps it is. But Sean Kelly, a contributor on, believes the purpose of your existence could be right there without you even realising it! Consider some of the pointers below:

1. Write Down What Activities In Life Give You More Energy Than You Put In

These are the activities where you can completely use up your physical energy, yet still want to do more! These activities feel right and even though you work intensely on them, it feels effortless. The tough times, no matter how tough, are worthwhile. It’s never a matter of if these activities will produce the right results, but when.

For Sean Kelly, CEO of, this involves speaking, inspiring, writing and teaching others on the topics of human connection and high performance. he says further:

When I do this, I am on fire, meaning I am a better leader, a better husband, a better friend and everything in my life seems to have intense clarity. For this reason, I have learned that my purpose in life – what my Energy is guiding me to do — is to proactively drive others to become better versions of themselves.

2. Write Down the Activities In Life That Drain You Of Energy

Be honest with yourself. You won’t be good at everything, you will do some things exceedingly well, and struggle in some areas. 

The point it that no one should feel the compulsion to be good at everything. There is simply what vibes with you and what doesn’t. There are your unique abilities, and then there’s everything else. Stop pretending that you like certain activities when you hate them. Stop putting your weaknesses ahead of your strengths. Have the courage to be alright with not liking everything and not being good at everything. Only when you do this is true greatness – your true purpose in life — possible.

3. Obey Your Inner Energy

Just because you are fulfilling your purpose in life doesn’t mean that everything will be perfect. It doesn’t mean that you will be great or even be really good at what you do. But it means that you will feel good and that things will feel right. And with a commitment and a trust that you are working to fulfill your full potential, you will eventually create what you were meant to create. You will make the magic you are supposed to make. You will be and ultimately become great.

Because your purpose in life is a never-ending journey. Those who recognise and are guided by their purpose will be able to get back on track even when they drift off. Your purpose in life is not to do one thing, but rather, to be you. It’s really as simple as that.

You are a human being, not a human doing, and your purpose is to be the human every single day.