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Do You Know What the Most Googled Word of 2015 Is?

2015 is almost over and as always, Google is saying goodbye to this year by releasing its annual list of most-Googled terms.

As always, some of the searches are pretty predictable. The most Googled fashion term is “How to walk in heels?” And of course, Adele is the most Googled artist because she pretty much was the most everything and everyone this year, with all those records she broke.

But the most Googled “What is…” question of 2015 might surprise you. It is:
What’s 0 divided by 0?

This question most probably didn’t gain its Google notoriety because people didn’t know how to do basic math, but rather because the question went viral earlier in the year, when Siri responded to the question with this plain, direct and sassy answer. It’s response went this way:

Imagine if you have zero cookies and you split them evenly between zero friends, how many cookies does each person get?

See, it doesn’t make sense. And just like Siri said, “It’s indeterminate”

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