I am sure you were surprised by the title of this article, because it is hugely surprising that such a school would exist in highbrow Lekki! What makes it that affordable? What is the name of the school? What are they all about?

The founders of the school, Dr Bunmi and Soji Oyinsan believe that all children have a right to quality education in a safe, clean and decent environment. The school also provides extra-curricular activities which take place outside of school hours—before school, after school or during lunch. These activities may include sports, hobbies, drama, singing, leadership training, arts or volunteer work.

At Lekki Peninsula Affordable Schools (LPAS), the pupils are charged a sum of ₦20,000 a term while they are provided with well trained teachers, workbooks (parents do not need to buy textbooks), longer school days, a set of school uniforms and sport wear, clean and safe environment, fun extracurricular activities and a flexible payment system. It is obvious that the low fee does not in any way detract from the quality of the education provided.

Will there be fee increase in the future? No. Dr Oyinsan explained that the real financial expenses are borne by Village Capital and other overseas-based social enterprising/non-profit organizations so that children of low income earners can go to school and obtain high quality education. Also, before the school started, extensive research found out that there are such schools with similar set-up in places like Ghana and Asia.

Currently, registration for the ongoing session has closed. You may keep abreast of the latest information by reading the newsletters on their website