Letter From the World’s Richest Man to School Students

Should you be wondering who this is, well, he is no other than Mr Bill Gates. Together with his wife, Melinda, they write a letter annually of their expectations for the year. And this year’s letter is primarily directed at young people everywhere, read the excerpt below:

….We are dedicating this year’s letter to talking about the opportunities we see to overcome these often overlooked challenges. We’re writing to high school students because you’re the ones who will ultimately be solving these problems. (Our interests in time and energy are separate from our foundation’s work on health and poverty. But it’s all related. Solving these problems will make it easier to save lives and make the world a more equitable place.)…

If you would like to read the entire letter which contains such content as Mr and Mrs Gates’ favourite breakfast cereal, what animals they would most love to be, and why students who have a desire for Maths and Science should study extra hard and come up with ideas that the world needs, do follow the link to

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