Di’Ja is one of Coke Studio Africa’s new acts on season III. She describes her interaction with rapper Hernani da Silva (Mozambique), and producer Owuor Arunga (Kenya) on the mash-ups with for the Coke Studio Africa performances as music at its best, and its power in bringing together different people with a common interest. She goes on to say that working with Hernani in a mash-up has been incredible as he is very patient, always willing to explain what he means in a song, which she can then translate to an appropriate delivery of the song.

Owuor Arunga brought together Hernani Da Silva’s Intro and Di’ja’s Dorobucci. The performance was great and seemed like the perfect battle of the sexes with both artistes backed by a small crowd of hype men and women. The set was pulsating with crazy energy, Di’ja bringing attitude and spunk to the stage as Da Silva easily delivered punch line after punch line.

See some pictures:dija2                                                                                               Di’ja
hernani                                                                       Di’ja and Hernani Da Silva on Coke Stage

Watch the mash up here